Banks and Share Market! You can either collapse together or rise up with the country altogether!

Posted on: February 22, 2020

NV Paulose

The opportunity today is serendipitous! Like a bumper lottery for a struggling family to make both ends meet.

Good news and bad news are always living together but they are like two sides of a coin. When one is up the other one has to be down as much. This is the state of affairs in India Today as far as the future of the nation is concerned. We can choose success or failure whichever we wish. We can do it as a nation or as a person. That’s the leverage that we have today since the House of Commons are represented at a national level.

Leadership is a mixture of good and bad. But the issue with the two is in the liberal attitude of the good and the conservative approach of the bad. While good is willing to get along with everyone, bad is very badly in an attempt to eliminate everything that is good.

A slightly strict approach from the good can make an impact today. All that the good should do is to insist on to everyone to follow the norms for the collective good of everyone. Say for example, banks should take a strict stand not to give loan for buying shares in bulk. Today it is not in anyone’s control about how the stock market is governed and managed. Everyone is doing a bit of this and another bit of that thinking they are playing a very key role in setting things right. But there are bigger bits of many things happening to nullify the bits and bytes of good at every point of time. Situation can go out of control when there are bulk lending from banks in the form of temporary financial lending at higher returns. This is like giving loans to establish brothel networks. Lending has to be monitored on value bases much more than the basis of return on investments. 

The country should consciously make sure that there is no role from the banking sector to keep the share market on an upscale when the entire economy is on a continuous downfall. This single act will bring the share market into a realistic paradigm that desperate the stakeholders to do fair play with innovative and large scale expansion initiatives. Or else the entire system has to collapse and scatters.

All that the nation need today is a paradigm shift from investment in negative return to investment in bulk returns. That’s a simple thing. Stop investing on things and start investing on innovative people. Make every innovation into a national collective and make sure innovators are taken into perfect confidence that the national intervention is given an extra leverage on to their revenue streams.

Everything turns to be good overnight when every establishment is involved in this expansion scheme. Plenty of structures can be developed without much additional infrastructure. Let us bank on today’s serendipitous demographic dividend.

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