Beauty Pageant for Transgenders! Large appreciation from far and wide!!

Posted on: October 9, 2018

Sanjana, Soya and Srinidhi; The winners 2018!

Initiative from Parivarthan Charitable Trust. Humility and Dedication of Violet Pereira! Leadership of Fashion ABCD and V4 News! Grooming at Hilltop Mansion, Jeppinamogeru, Mangalore and Sahodaya, Balmatta! Finale at Mangalore Town Hall!

By NV Paulose 


Setting standard for Social Transformation!

Social issues remain unaddressed when there is no one to get into steps that go deeper into the problems and to find out the solutions thereupon. Someone has to look into it and get into it. Life of Transgenders are same like any other genders in advanced societies. Social standards are of good quality in a society of equality that believe in living and let others to live. India has to go a long way in this direction. We see even family in rejection mode. What should we say then about the society. All because of our wrong beliefs. This is time for a changel This is time for a transformation in our thinking process.

Parivarthan Charitable Trust is the brain child of Violet Pereira, Managing Editor of Mangalorean dot com. Violet has become a ray of hope for transgenders who are looking forward to come forward in their social status. Living a life at its fullest glory is the dream of every human being. Violet helps with her kindness in taking bold steps in transformation of a social trauma into a success story. Many of them are already brought into normal life patterns. Many are working and pursuing their career in mainstream streams. Sincere efforts of Violet Pereira had won appreciation from many stalwarts in society.

Idea of pageant for Transgenders impressed Charan Suvarna, Creative Director of Fashion ABCD and Laxman Kundar, Mg. Director of V4 News. They have lifted it in such a way that the concept got appreciations from across the globe. Large number of VVIPs are participating in the event is the sign of the professional and passionate efforts of the organisers. Mangalore is awaiting for a star event at Mangalore Town Hall. Sunday to raise the rays of hope into the life of transgenders and to gain them lot of respect in society. There are chances for some governmental schemes to get announced on the occasion!

Two days grooming is at Hilltop Mansion Mangalore. It is a beautiful place for get together and celebrations. Hilltop Mansion with lot of facilities also has a silent ambience. Large number of Master Trainers from various spectrum of grooming will transform the thought process of the participants and will make them hit the ramp with amazing confidence and surprising performance. Sizzling guys will train them few quick steps that when put together on stage to impress the audience a lot. Mangalore Town hall will witness the historic day marked in their calendar being the venue for the beginning of a national transformation process.

Meanwhile there are responses from different places across the globe with offers to take this initiative international. Soon we can expect Transgender pageants at various international cities. It can create an impact in the life of transgenders and can help them to get into life without any social trauma.  Society has to create space for everyone to make decent living. There need to social attention driven towards making life of transgenders easy and respected. Everyone should get opportunities to study and to pursue a profession according to each one’s talents. There can be a doctor or an engineer carved out from transgenders. There can be winners in various sports events. Lawyers and Chartered Accountants can be trained from the intellectuals among them.

Who knows the miracles of nature when we wholeheartedly attempt to achieve an unknown excellence. Results has to come when there is sincere efforts from people with good intentions and greater interpersonal interface. Many things that are difficult to achieve are possible when we attempt for them together. Things are easier when greater minds join their hands.

Good luck for the good efforts.

Parivarthan Charitable Trust Gears up First Ever Beaty Pageant for Transgenders on Oct 14

Parivarthan Charitable Trust Gears up First Ever Beaty Pageant for Transgenders on Oct 14

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  • India’s First Ever Transgender Beauty Pageant

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