Become a Development Journalist (DJ)

Posted on: September 24, 2018

Global TV initiative with Gram Panchayats, Educational Institutions and Developmental Agencies.

10000 Opportunities in Karnataka Alone.

One month training, certification and Franchise with Global TV. Work independently and interconnected. Be a ChangeMaker and a Leader in Action. Help in implementation of development schemes and be a part of them. Revenue from every unit of operation. Be Unbiased and Non Judgmental. Let figures talk your worth. You earn more as you earn respect and goodwill in society. Plenty of Developmental Projects to choose and to implement. Be part of solutions and stop making criticism and distant comments. This is Action Journalism and that’s Development Journalism.

Who is a DJ?

A Development Journalist  (DJ) is Journalist who initiate development through Action Journalism. Reporting precedes a positive action from the journalist being a facilitator, initiator or being a connecting link between people and a development process. DJs are just opposite to today’s journalists who stay away from action just by making comments about others action


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