Blindness is the outcome of corruption

Posted on: January 30, 2019

Attention Youngsters!

New world open for you totally!!

Opportunities are open to the youngsters since others are blind about the changing times!

Elders are running behind the little money that is there with governments and governmental systems. On the run; they lost their farsightedness and even the normal eyesight.

It has now become an opportunity for the younger world to create their world the way they wish to create them!

World has all of a sudden become an ocean of opportunities. It had happened with Globalisation and Digitisation. We took them very light. Very few organisations understand this. Very few people understand the depth of it. For example; we conduct International Conferences in the same old style keeping the technology and advancements all aside. It is like using a computer in place of an electronic typewriter.

Income Tax and other departments even now want a print along with digital filing of returns and other documents. PF and ESI ask prints compulsory. What it means? Digitisation has created an additional burden for  the people. In addition to the earlier requirements, an additional requirement of digital submission is added to the burdens.

No advantage of digitisation is made available to the people. Government, Education system and every other functions go in the same old style.

What is then the opportunity that you talk?

The world has changed without waiting for government orders. Situation is similar like when computer courses flourished outside the traditional education system. The ones who understood the times could establish large educational institutions without waiting for government permissions.

Same situations are open in front of the younger world. Everyone is working at a low performance rate. Opportunities are open for those who are dynamic. No investments, no headaches. Look for avenues that can generate revenues. Take your share at a higher rate.

This is in this regard that we are launching new concepts like Green Card and IIM.

IIM is simple. Information is Money is the concept. 100 youngsters in each city. 4000 cities in India. Means a team of 4 lakhs of people. Connected and placed with Mentors and Activity Centres. It is all about Dynamic Service Provider Establishments.

Do You have Potential within?

We have avenues to explore!

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