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ARECANUT is an important commercial crop in India and finds a place in all religious, social and cultural functions in India. Cultivation of Arecanut is mostly confined to States of Karnataka, Kerala and Assam,but the consumption is spread all over the country. India is considered as the largest Arecanut producing country in the world.

The total acreage under cultivation is 264000 hectares and the annual production estimated at 313000 metric tones,with Karnataka and Kerala accounting for nearly 72 percent of total production. Over six million people are engaged in arecanut cultivation, processing and trade.More than 85 percent of the area under cultivation is made up of small and marginal holdings.

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1742 crores turn over for The CAMPCO Ltd for 2017-18

Multi State Cooperative in the Cooperative Sector, CAMPCO has made an all time high turnover of Rs.1,742.00 Crores For the financial year 2017-18.

  • Arecanut Purchases valued at Rs.1452.92 Crores
  • Arecanut Sales valued Rs.1472.45 Crores
  • Cocoa Purchases valued at Rs.55.75 Crores
  • Rubber Purchases valued at Rs.48.87 Crores
  • Rubber Sales valued at Rs.49.86 Crores
  • Chocolate Sales valued at Rs.187.76 Crores

The total production of CAMPCO Chocolate Factory has touched 13685 MTs out of which 9530.39MTs is produced for CAMPCO brand and sold Chocolates worth Rs.182.00 Crores including export of 1308 MTs valued at Rs.20.00Crores.

  • For the fourth consecutive year, CAMPCO has been the recipient of the prestigious Award from the Federation of Indian Export Organizations-Southern Region, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India under the category of Top Multi Product Group Exporter in Southern Region (Silver). The Award depicts the power and strength of a Swadeshi Factory. CAMPCO, committed to purely Swadeshi based quality products is now supplying CAMPCO Pure Milk Chocolates “DAIRY DREAM” to the Navy.

In order to meet the international Food Safety Standards and zoning of Food Processing area as per FSSAI Standards, CAMPCO Chocolate Factory’s New Amenity Block built at a cost of Rs.13.00 Crores was inaugurated by Sri.Suresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Union Minister for Commerce & Industry, Govt of India on January 21st , 2018.

The quantity of Cocoa Wet Beans procured is 3775.82MTs valued at Rs.17.52 Crores and Dry Beans purchased is 2190.13MTs valued at Rs.38.23 Crores. In total they have processed 3,483.26MTs of Dry Beans in their Factory.

Rubber Purchases is to the tune of 3898.30MTs valued at Rs.48.87 Crores and Sales is 3912.35MTs valued at Rs.49.86 Crores.

  • With regard to processing and Packaging of Pepper, CAMPCO has entered into an MoU with ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research (ICAR-IISR), Calicut, an Institute under Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) New Delhi.

In the wake of increase in the import of Pepper and the crash in domestic Prices, during November, 2017 CAMPCO and other like minded Cooperatives made incessant efforts with the Central Government and succeeded, with the Commerce Ministry declaring Minimum Import Price of Pepper as Rs.500/- Inspite of the order, low quality Pepper is imported into the Country and without any value addition to the product, is re exported as quality Indian Pepper for a higher rate. Due to the stringent measures initiated by the Commerce Ministry, GOI, the import has now been curtailed to a large extent and helped in stabilisation of domestic Market thereby protecting the interest of the Domestic Pepper Farmers.

  • To promote intercrops in Arecanut Gardens, CAMPCO has arranged to distribute 47,990 Cocoa Seedlings and 10,900 Pepper Saplings to the Members at a subsidised rate.

Under social responsibility, CAMPCO has extended financial aid towards the Medical Treatment of Grower Members and totally 17 beneficiaries have availed this facility of which 11 Members have been aided for Open Heart Surgery and 6 for Dialysis Treatment.

Towards Green Environment, Windmills which were installed in 2008-09 ( 1 Unit) and 2011-12 (2 Units) continue to yield good results and for the year have generated 39,90,000 Units and nearly 70% of our total energy requirement at our Chocolate Factory is fulfilled by these 3 Windmill Units.

CAMPCO in collaboration with CPCRI is conducting Research in Value Addition for  Products. Stress is being laid on Arecanut and Human Health.

The Central Government’s introduction of E-way bill system under the Goods and Services Act 2017 is Dealer friendly and will also curtail malpractices of Tax evasions. It will go a long way in protecting the interests of the Farmers and strengthen the Agricultural Sector.

In order to have more value added products from Arecanut and to increase Arecanut Productivity and returns of Farmers, CAMPCO in collaboration with the ARDF, Mangaluru and SDMIT, Ujire organised Seminars on “Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Opportunities in Areca” and “Honey Bee Farming” at SDMIT, Ujire.

  • The constant requests of the Members have prompted CAMPCO to venture into the Coconut Project and hence CAMPCO has now contacted M/s.Alfa Laval, the Pioneers in supply of Machinery for commencing a “Coconut Processing Project”. In the days to come, CAMPCO has also planned to install a full fledged plant for the value added products of Coconut. This would satiate the aspirations of Coconut Grower Members as they would have a competitive price for their products.

Draft Specifications for Arecanut submitted by CAMPCO and other like minded Cooperative Societies have now been approved and the Bureau of Indian Standards of India have now issued a Notification to this effect. CAMPCO is on the track of development and is progressing ahead. CAMPCO is committed towards protecting the interest of its Farmer Members who are the backbone of CAMPCO. It is the need of the hour for the Farmers to develop Integrated cropping system and mechanization in Farming.


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