Career Branding and Career Platforms!

Posted on: June 19, 2019

By NV Paulose, Founder, Global TV

Are we doing anything?

Is there anybody responsible to create jobs in India? Whatever said and done; there is no one seemingly interested in creating jobs in India. We are far from anywhere near to our potential and possibilities in the present times. India is like a farmer who is suffering economic setbacks even when there are bumper crops for want of sufficient storage facilities and efficient processing units.

Youth is like a bumper crop in India. Placing them and nurturing them is the way for making India a developed nation. Our authorities are missing with two faculties within themselves. Thinking and thanking are those two faculties.

Why do I say so? Economic systems are ever changing every second everywhere. We as a nation are yet to cop up with the changing times. We are only thinking for ourselves. Our strategies are for ourselves. Survival of the fittest is the theme of selections everywhere in India. This has to change. As a nation, we should think collectively to create jobs. Collaboration and Mentorship are the ways for creation of more employment opportunities. We need to create more career brands and several career platforms. A national eco system, read it as a national economic system has to emerge from the dots of these thoughts.

Can we create fifty thousand jobs of Tourism Ambassadors in India? It is possible just by the Government of India providing a round table in every tourism offices in the country. No salaries are required. Just create a Career Platform for Tourism Ambassadors and a Career Brand for them. Give training and create a Communication platform that provide a national level connectivity. These things keep happening in the nation even at personal levels and organisational levels. That’s like a little paradox. Many career are appearing at corporate scheming up. Online aggregators are creating career brands just like that.

Creating jobs at one end and killing jobs at other end is the way of life today. Corporates spend lavishly for Brand building and customers base building. People suffer from all sides once they are done with that. The whole problem in our country is from the missing link of a wholesome approach. We are philosophical in our preaching and greedy in our actions.

Creating fifty thousand employment opportunities doesn’t attract attention of anyone in India. What do I get is the silent query at every authority gate. Every watchmen is a barricade in the process of evolution in our nation. Our children has to go abroad to fetch any respect for their caliber and hard work. Fifty thousand Tourism Guides is possible in a minute with a circular from the Ministry of Tourism. Lot of thinking has to happen but at the ministerial level. How is it possible when you are outsourcing for the content of your website itself. There is no reflection of a thought process anywhere seen in the publicity materials.

Thinking of Fifty Thousand Tourism Ambassadors is a Revenue Model. There is no Capital Involvement anywhere in the process. Round Table proposed also can be availed on an Advertisement Campaign Model. I may get a call from the ministry to come and explain about the idea. That will be the end of that. Singing song is worth when there are hearing ears. People inspired with visionary mindsets has to come to positions and portfolios. Things will drastically change only then. Sticking at the capital model and filling the coffin boxes only make of next births miserable. Let us look for salvation at safe.

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