Conflict of Conscious and Unconscious Minds.

Posted on: September 25, 2018

Conscious mind measure and evaluate. Unconscious mind grab everything at a glance. Trust your  Unconscious Mind!

Varify everything with your conscious mind. It require comparison for evaluation. Unconscious mind is wholesome in approach.

Conscious and Unconscious Combination work wonders! Open doors in broad but keep doing the security checks! Reality and Realisation!!

By Nithyanantha Gurumurthy / NV Paulose / AJ Ullas

Mind in General:

Have you ever noticed about the factors that make you feel positive about something or someone? Have you checked how your mind responds to different situations in different ways? How come the same parameters of input from different persons get different response from within?

Who you are matters in what you get from the mind. Human behaviour varies from one to another. One cannot be measured looking up to the behaviour. We need to go deeper and deeper to know what really happens beyond expressions.

Behaviour of teachers confuse students most of the times. Some teachers express negative emotions while they are very positive inside about what they respond opposite outside. Student may get confused. Some parents act strict while they are very soft inside. They may think to get some results from their approach and get some other responses instead of what they expect. All these are combinations and very difficult to explain. Human are different from machines that produce same output from the inputs of same measures.

Watch Your Mind:

One should watch own mind to know the versatility of human minds. What a Majic the reality that we call mind. No one can see the mind but it exists. Where is the mind located? Mind is at every cell of human body. Ney; it is far beyond in its reach. Mind is everywhere. Where? Mind is all about the senses; Inside and at the outset. Two roads! One is towards past and it is called memories and the other One is towards future and it is called imagination. Are these single roads? Highways? All depends on the spot where does the mind stands? Lost and agreed into is one state. Transformed and reformed is another state. All minds can be fixed between these two extreme parameters.

Other day; an eleven year old child was asked to describe his dream for his future. He told he wanted India to reach Mars before any other nations get into there. Oh! Good!! Said the man who had asked the child about dreams. Later he said to the parents to nurture the dream of the child so that the mission is accomplished. All are happy all around.

Mind is a magical reality. It gives you as much you can trust unconditional to it. It require congruence and sincerity. Your mind trust you a lot. The one who say I can and the other one say otherwise; both get what they are looking for. Look for the Good!

Pretend and You can make it:

Mind is unconditional and it takes things as it is. Pretend being very strong and your mind achieves it over a period of time. Any talent that you wanted to achieve and any dreams that you wanted to fulfill; all can be achieved in this way. Do your prevention whole heartedly. Mean what you say and that’s the way your mind understand them.

UNCONSCIOUS Mind is your best friend. It is the storage of every data about your past and future. Both lines are unlimited and unbroken. You can frame the present and thus the future too in the way you want and your mind makes it ultimately.

Going little beyond you can understand that you are part of a larger mission and platform and understand your mission in a little more broader perspective. Your mind can achieve what you dream. How it will be when your dream is what your mind wanted you to dream about?

This is the merger of universe within you with you. No one stops the enlightened one! Be the one and become the one!


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