Dimensions are the only solution!

Posted on: August 5, 2018

Cost of Unnecessary Capital is the Cause of Collapse!
By NV Paulose

We should be able to multiply revenue without incurring additional investments. The equation is simple. It is only alliances between infrastructure and people. Finding new avenues for revenue generation without incurring additional capital expenditures.

Every establishment in India can get into this process. Every senior citizen can take up the costume of a Mentor. Youngsters of all ages are the Warriors and their dynamism is their capital.

Connecting infrastructural capital and Dynamic capital is like large waterfall over to a power generating turban.

Large social issues that are yet to be addressed should be taken up courageously. Housing, Agriculture and allied initiatives with farming and food processing can do large leverage for the economy. There should be twinning programs between rural places and city points.

Tourism sector can make a multiple jump. We should involve youngsters in the development process. Young people are more dynamic and much faster. They need guidance and motivation from elders. Mentors and Warriors are the best combination.

Let us do it.
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