Expansion in a Circular and Cyclical format.

Posted on: August 29, 2018

India should move ahead from today’s vertical and horizontal development models. We should create circles and cycles with right kinds of multiple combinations!

Circles and Cycles
An Expansion Method

Keep adding complementary activities with more people involved and less capital involvement.

Keep in mind; the purpose is to complement the primary functions. To tell it directly; companies should engage more people into joint programs to promote their main activity in first preference and to check what are the new possibilities that are beneficial for the people who are engaged in the new unit of activities.

There are plenty of complementary activities that can become independent business units.

Circles and Cycles is an Economic Principle. It is all about making things fit and complete. It is also about making things to become functional.

Just imagine a wheel. It rotates. Economy should also be functional like this. When we do all functions on a circular format; the economy becomes regular and operational.

Everything in nature truly follows this principle. It looks like our economists are not very much aware of these simple points and possibilities.

The economy that we have in India is like a fishing instrument. One end wide open and the other end tightly closed. This has limitations.

Let every corporate business unit go with circle theory. They will see a multiplied growth in their group dynamics and their foundation becomes very strong. This is very simple to learn.

An airline company can establish a media division with Global TV that will directly promote their business. Together with Global TV; they can further support few of their supportive and promoting units like tours and travels to become national or international brands.

Helping an expansion process is to multiply the business outcome and revenue models!

To expand and include are all terms misused with political purposes. Creating circles and making the circle to cycle in its optimum is an idea. Think about an organization that works at fifty percent of its capacity as far as the space utilization is concerned.

That means, it has created half a circle already with regard to space utilization. Now think about complementary programs that help to promote the business of the business and go on until space is utilized to the optimal point. Now, rest half of the circle gets added to the first half. That’s definitely going to improve your performance.

This process of expanding or completing circles shall be called wheel creation. It leverages total performance of your organization. Now think about moving the wheel. How many times you are able to move the wheel and how fast? Productivity again gets leveraged.

We all need to think a lot:
Thinking is nothing but seeing without using the eyes simultaneously with it; or any or all of the other sensory processes like hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting etc. Are you doing it in real time? Or else, you are thinking! Societies that think together prosper faster!

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