Future is for Cable TV! The Thing is They Should Come Together!!

Posted on: September 13, 2018

Technology and Time! Permutations and Combinations!!

By NVP 9844182044

Satellite and Cables? What is the difference for a viewer? Quality? Or Participation?

Everything that are one sided are fading. Things that are multidimensional and responsive are being accepted. We are living at a time when people delete emails from the PMO as much they delete commercial emails. What everyone is looking for is a passionate hearing and a true participation. There has to be purpose and something to propose. Or else the relationship cannot survive. You becoming so and so doesn’t matter much for me when you are disassociated with me. Be connected and associated is the formula for success!

Cable TV Networks! Second Level!!

Cable TV Networks came together everywhere. Some places they have done it city-wide and some other places it went up to state-wide. What they have done is to make themselves consolidated and presented in one brand. Revenue models were shared in amicable ways saying you take what you generate and we shall operate in a large space to feed you quality that can help you to generate more revenue than being isolated. It worked wonders. Cable TV Networks could become viable and viewers started to get more and better programs.

At the very same time; Satellite TV Channels also spotted an additional revenue model from viewers by calling them subscribers. People started to choose between Satellite TV and Cable TV and then came further combinations. Get Satellite TV in Cable TV. All these things are now taking a new turn.

Cable TV with Global TV

To Get Connected: Sylvia Castelino 9845077063

Like Roots of Trees! Revenue from Everywhere!!

Today it is action journalism and participatory programs. Internet make connectivity international and Global TV is adding purpose to each program. We are bringing in the right combination of vision and action for every participant in the programs. There are no one isolated. Everyone can become part of it and thus share the revenue proportionate to their contributions.

Even film actors has to select between options and choose from the available depending on their schedule and options. We bring in visionary celebrities who can make a difference at grassroots economics in a larger perspective. New production team comprises of students and youngsters guided by their teachers and mentors. Experience and Exposure is now understood being the primary parameters in selection process in every career platform.

Like a football team is positioned on ground we are positioning the youngsters all over the nation and each one work with each opportunity immediately after they clear the ball in their disposal. They are free until it come back. And we know what is the nature of each ball of action in this game of nation building.

Optimise your time and utilise every opportunity in front. This is time for India to explore opportunities that are around us and looking up to us! Come Together and be together. What you seek is coming to you with a Revenue Model. Embrace it and gain from it and you are helping others also to become the change that they would like to see in the world.

Is there any difference between change and transformation!?

Yes! Very much!! Change is a replacement. It removes one and replace the space with another one. Even in change of behaviour the earlier one is abandoned and a new one is added with.  Transformation is an additional accommodation. It doesn’t make any changes in the existing. A simple expansion and getting into a broader perspective. Hence everything existing is in tact. We are only adding to it.

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