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Posted on: November 10, 2018

  • Shingari Melom played for Dr. Shibu Raman and Friends at Pilikula. Smart City Mangalore study Team from England.

Human is all about the heart and dynamics related and surrounded around

By Gayathri Vishwanath / NV Paulose

Forget everything while getting involved! You are evolving to perform a mission in the process!

  • Which organ of a human being could have been the first created, suppose we buy the theories of God in the creation process. Can it be heart? Question is not to prove any of the theories. This is to express gratitude to entire human creations and every incarnation is flesh and blood. Heart and heart-fullness are the elements that wonder our imaginations. Human is all about being and well being. How well we are able to remain just in being? Unconditionally and spontaneously! Everything else matters less; suppose we are willing to unlearn everything that are learned purposeless or external.


  • Human race has a single beginning and a simple beginning. it is but very complex for us to understand and articulate. It has a thought process. It has only a thought process. We need to think to differentiate ourselves from one another. No thinking means nothing to think and naturally nothing to worry about anything. No one races any race issues. No other issues too. Who is crazy about any issue at all?


  • We need to struggle a lot to study about the past. And we need to do it in the way it is prescribed to study about each topic. And we need to differentiate it from others and other ways of studies. Who is first need to be studied! Who is best is also need to be studied! Thousands of criteria need to be identified. There should be conflicts created and differences pointed out.


  • Then should we shout about the size of our race. We are this and we are that and everything other than what we are about to do. Instead of that; can we focus our senses and look at the face of the other person? Can we focus our hearing along with that? Can we relate all our senses at the other person and check within to get connected with one another? We may go back in the history line. And we may reach the story line where we were one at the beginning.

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