Global Village for Ragi Milk Powder

Posted on: September 15, 2018

Milk Model for Ragi Milk Powder

Open Idea for Gram Panchayaths

An outline view!

By Dr. AA Fazal / Udayakumar Kollimutt / NV Paulose

We are a blessed nation with abundance of resources. We are supposed to do great things with the kind of resources that we have within our reach and approach. Things go well when the group dynamics go well and group dynamics go good when everyone’s interests are taken care of. This is the fundamental principle underlying in this project. This is a large potential and a transparent proposal that work end to end in a chain of activities with a Micro Production Unit at every cluster of Home Units like in the case of Milk Unions. Collection Centre in Milk Unions are replaced with Production Centres in our case.

Level One:

Home Units bring in a prescribed quantity and quality of Ragi Milk to the Micro Production Unit. Same is verified, accounted and acknowledged at the MPU and the same is converted into Ragi Milk Powder and accounted. This is the first level of process. Very Simple!

Level Two:

Second level is the retail sales of Ragi Milk Powder and the remaining is send to the food production division. Retail sales is also done at Micro Production Units. Food Production Division is at the next higher level. Ragi Milk Powder from various Micro Production Units come here. Also other products that are made locally and are available for branded sales.

Level Three:

A monumental Youth Centre with lot of facilities for international business coordination and large innovations and interventions. This unit is associated with other viable themes and are self funded and supported.

International business relations and large scale production is possible with operations at such a level. Entire system works independent and transparent so that every financial interventions are done at Micro level.

Potential and Worth:

Cost of production, quality of production and levels of operation are the secret of any economic activity. There is a professional network evolved to assist the process and there is no organisational form designed like today’s umbrella model of Management. These are important points to note.

Quality is given importance than charity. Dignity and integrity are the front runners. This is to generate worth and to focus on people who make transformation of everything possible.

In-house innovations in Micro Engineering is another area evolving around the theme. Lot of things to happen when more minds come together to work with.

Joining hands with various brands is one method of promotion here. Coming together is the secret of big success. We are doing that! Together with everyone where there is a reason to be together. There is a reason for all to be connected.


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