Goodness in Delhi Politics!

Posted on: July 27, 2018

There is goodness emerging in politics!
By NV Paulose

Photo Caption: Rahul Gandhi Hugging PM Narendra Modiji

We need to build up a habit of reading beyond newspaper reports and some times reading between the lines. Anyone with an open heart and deeper thoughts can easily understand the goodness in Indian politics today. Whole emotions in the Parliament were cordial even when the words went strategic. There were rights and wrongs and good and bad and everything that anyone can interpret in their own ways for their own purposes and requirements. No one is finding a way out is the fact in front.

Hugging PM in Lok Sabha not proper, Sumitra Mahajan reprimands Rahul Gandhi with a pleasant face

Words that the politician speaks is politics and most of their actions and emotions are hearty and cordial. We are living in a time the nation and the entire world is undergoing large transformation. We can see the signs of goodness emerging everywhere.

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