Posted on: September 11, 2018

Six Step Re framing of Indian Economics

  1. Green Card is a Dreamer’s Card!!
  2. Green Card! Invitation to do Miracles!!
  3. Free Mentors to Support Dreamers!!
  4. Unlimited Opportunity & Abundance of Support! 
  5. Confidence Building Actions & Sessions!!
  6. Group Actions and  Revenue Options

Shift from Capital Model to Revenue Model

By NV Paulose

This is a call for youngsters to join Green Card Campaign and to make use of the platform to get connected and associated with Dreamers in the highest order and Mentors of the highest worth. Abundance of resources are available around you for nurturing your dreams and to come up in life with flying colours. We provide you a platform to get free mentors across India so that your dreams are encouraged.

This space is for quick communication updates and will keep updating every day. Kindly note the URL and be connected direct here with the URL.  It is

Easy to do Special Offer!

Organize a Day Out and avail a Family Pack!! This is a wonderful offer that will get positive response from all Tourism destinations all across India. Get Your Green Card from Global TV (WhatsApp 8762895418) and then speak to the Resorts in advance. Make everything transparent and open so that your integrity is take care!

More options to get added here! Join hands and Together we can do much better!!


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