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Posted on: September 20, 2020
How to become a Global HR Leader? & The Power of 1 Million global women coming together.

Today's Live Broadcast of The Value Addition Global Business Show on Youtube, Facebook & Linkedin Live is all about Leadership!Divya Shlokam interviews a global thought leader DK Bakshi, who has several years of global exposure in HR Leadership & This year is highly focused on bringing 1 Million Women together on a common platform to empower them to excel with the support of each other.Divya asks him questions related to:1) How to become an effective Global HR Leader?2) How to go global as an HR Leader?3) Why is he on such a huge mission to bring 1 Million Women together on a common platform?4) What is this mission resulting in?5) What is the way forward for Leadership at a global scale?Let us engage with each other. Do like, share & comment on these live sessions. Your engagement & encouragement results in our sharing the best insights for real growth. #divyashlokam #vaueadditionglobalshow #leadership

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