Higher Self can connect! We should Act!!

Posted on: November 12, 2019

The Circle Theory

by Gayathri Vishwanath / NV Paulose

We take credit of good and great achievements and are comfortable to pass all other things over to others and when no one else to blame, we pass it on to God or to what is called fate. Today, it is clear that the whole is made out of parts. Each one of us are part of the whole universe and the whole universe consist every part within. These are topics that cannot be told or taught but would be understood internally and can be expressed in bits and bytes. The attempt here is to talk about the spark of goodness that can make a wild fire of great happiness and greater accomplishments which in turn can transform our surroundings to be the heavens of blessings.

The author assumes as the parts only has to act. Only the parts can act. Action and reflection on such action has to impact the surroundings so much so that the whole are felt with the tiny acts of a tiny particle. The whole system is connected with the whole system is the philosophy that we should understand. Making the theory easier and purposeful, we can draw it into another point of reflection. Can we initiate few or many tiny acts that can connect and reflect upon a large segment of life and living mechanism?

Today’s Reality!

We are in a wonderful opportunity all around us. How come you say that? See, we are all with all our eyes looking up to few of us to create an impact in the larger society. We look up to some one to take all the burden of transformation. Later we blame them and change them. Again we look up to someone with the same approach. Change has become an ever changing process. This has to change. We should understand it is like we are blaming God for our inaction. With all these inaction in process and too much expectation unrealistic, we have created a large space of inaction and a little space of action, out of which the large chunk are wrong actions.

Look at the Vast Space and Apply Time Medicine over to the space!

All that each one of us should do is to select a free space and to apply action themes that are most appropriate to the given space considering the resources that are easily available at the space in and around. The action taken and subsequent interventions done will create outcomes that can be shared between all the participants in the action. The wealth thus created can be utilized to improve up on the available space and to gain better tools that can make our intervention most effective and productive.

Connecting the spaces and networking the processes!

As we create effective spaces at places where there were inaction in action, there will also be lot of positive energy emerging all around. Connect such spaces and network the people involved. This will create excellence everywhere. There is no one loosing in the process. The fundamental change required is only in one thing or a line of things.

We need to make another unhappy for us to be happy. In fact, we get what we give. The whole economic theory of scarcity of resources is wrong. Human wants are not unlimited. Greedy man in inhuman.

Author NV Paulose is second from your left. Sri. VM Rmalingam, his mentor is left to him

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