Hilltop Mansion Mangalore! Amazing Place for Private Parties!!

Posted on: August 30, 2018

Totally secluded from the rest of the world with all comforts and amenities for a family gathering or for a Private Party!

By Alphonsa Paul

Everyone need relaxation and breaks in life. We cannot but go far away from the daily rush. Hilltop Mansion at Mangalore gives you a private ambiance amidst a village atmosphere with in few minutes travel from the heart of Mangalore city.

With two bedrooms, one attached with bathroom with tub and other facilities, hall and another bedroom with a common bath.  Hall can have more bed accommodation when required to have a relatively large gathering. Kitchen is fully functional with everything that you need.  Guest House is fully furnished and maintained well on a daily check out basis.

Right Place for Relaxation and Recreation! Party Space for up to 150 People!

Hosting Parties:

Hilltop Mansion is a very suitable place for hosting parties and to hold a get-together. Soothing atmosphere in dim light ambiance added with wall side Tiki torches, Barbecue and other facilities are all set to take you in to a trance-formation and relaxation. All aspects for making it comfortable and feasible is taken care while the packages are custom made, flexible and viable.

Stage and Dance Floor: Open stage for programs is also designed to be the dance floor. It has lighting designed to be unique with screen projection option for films and presentations.

Rain Dance and Pool side: Open stage has rain dance facility with a shower at the very back of it. Pool on the side has 5 ft. water within and the barbecue on the side of it.


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