India should focus on Technology Self Reliance; Jayaprakash Rao

Posted on: September 19, 2018

Scientists should focus on Technology Advancement

Weapon dealers are posing a threat on to the world.

India should become self reliant in Scientific and Technological areas; We can make it possible!

By Roshan Pinto

  • Event at Fisheries College Mangalore 


We should depend on ourselves. We should be free from fear. Even when we are a Peace loving nation, we should be strong enough to protect ourselves.  Says Mr. Jayaprakash Rao, Former PRO of DRDO. Role of youngsters is very important. We should love our work. We are powerful, We Can become a super nation,Dr. Kalam believed.

There should be takers for development. It is not just for making claims. We should be courageous to own failures. Satellite system of India is the backbone of our technology and communication. The stories of our technology advancements has a great model from Dr. Kalam and Dr. Satish Dawan. Kalam was very simple in living but his vision was very High.  Kalam was very limited in spending for his personal needs but he was very particular about making great achievements through his interventions.

Dr, Kalam was giving credit to others. His simplicity is the model for the youngsters.  He never expected honors. Kalam had lot of love for children. Nothing else attracted him in the world of life. He never wanted a memorial in New Delhi, he never wanted to trouble people. He used to travel in the nights to avoid traffic blocks for people.

He was like a common man. He was working even at travel, never taken any extra benefit for his convenience, lot of travel without rest. It all was because of his passion and love for work. Shoe polisher to Iftar party, everything was transformed in the Kalam way.

Kalam’s model should be the model for youngsters. He has faith in his colleagues and he was keen in giving comfort for everyone. Everyone loved to work with Dr. Kalam.




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