Institutions within An Institution! Revenue Models are Plenty!!

Posted on: August 29, 2018

We are not that perfect! Imperfections make us unique!

We are complete only when we are connected and associated! !

By Fatima Majeed 

Activity and Productivity are the key words for development and growth in today’s economy. To activate an operation, we need to involve more people into an activity centre! An activity centre can be anywhere and everywhere, where there are people to work on a new idea or for an existing activity. We can create activities!
An institution with a renewed energy and with a transformed outlook finds it possible to multiply their business manifold with synergy of this new approach of accommodating maximum people in maximum places!
Making existing people getting into new activities with an additional incentive scheme is the crux. Concept of institutions within an institution is in operation at every progressive establishment. We just need to copy them!
Once you are clear with your vision and are aware about all its dimensions, you start to see everything being a possibility. You stop looking it things being a problem. Now, you look at people with a renewed outlook and naturally you will try to make each individual in your institution to be the best. That makes all the difference.
You are slowly turning to be a miracle maker than being just another individual. You start to see new possibilities. People come to you with more freedom to share ideas and thoughts. They are more open to hear you and are willing to work for your ideas and thoughts. There is synergy everywhere in the organization, and all the people connected and associated are also feel the renewed atmosphere in your institution, and in your person.
Expansions happen at both sides. Multidimensional growth takes place in the organization. More activities and multiplied productivity make the entire scenario to feel rejuvenated. That makes a difference in the way the large society progress and prospers!
At this juncture you need a quick expansion program. It is very crucial that you need to do the very best. It is like a rain harvest drive that is initiated just a while before the beginning of the rainy season. You need to act faster or else the rain water may go to the sea without giving you a possible outcome that is expected out of it.
The best way is to introduce the concept of institutions within your institution. People who share the ideas may be allowed to act up on them. Offer them incentives that can attract and impress them very much.
There are few things to consider while you are doing this exercise. All what you do should have a relation with what you are doing in your mainstream.
The best way is to look upon complimentary activities and byproduct initiatives. Even in service sector it is possible to identify complimentary areas and to get activities that promote each other.
With the idea of Institutions within an institution, you can reach out to the larger world. You can attract large number of students and youth around you who are in search of job opportunities. There should be ideas that impress the youth and there should be someone to coordinate with them. The idea that you propose should be worth to work for it and it also should have a social dimension for a larger cause of the society. The activity that you create should give the youth an exposure and sufficient experience and it’s nice when they are able to get sufficient pocket money with the activity.
There can be a plenty of social campaigns that can be linked with brand promotions. At any offices or places where there is space for meetings and people who are able to make things happen can take lead!
Senior professionals who are retired and not yet tired should come forward to lead the youth since experience and dynamism together make the targets easier to achieve. It will be fantastic when there can be linkage and leverage between youth and institutions.

You coan associate with institutions and take up initiatives.

You will be surprised to know that the seed that you have placed has grown into a large tree that provides facilities for large quantum of activities. Welcoming people is a primary change that all of us should make in our approach. This is a transformation tool for today’s world. Simply welcome people and start dialogue with them. Things will emerge just like that!

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