Is Media a Dumping Yard?!

Posted on: July 20, 2018

Media and Medium are different!

Sam Pitroda; Father of Indian Digital Revolution at Yenepoya University
Photo Caption: Sam Pitroda; Father of Indian Digital Revolultion at Yenepoya University

People get confused with media and medium very often. Many may think Media is the Medium and many times we go with Medium. Danger went very high when TV entered in the pool of Medium for Media. Technology is developed so much that we are able to telecast programs for 24 hours. TV Channels are forced to produce and produce and produce more so that they are able to telecast 24 hours. Internet has reduced this burden a lot since we are able to retain telecast beyond time stipulations. Regular TV Technology is doing large damage to the nation by compromising in quality and competing for TRP; God knows what they are going to gain for the nation with this attitude. We could use the Technology for more Education Interactive purposes!

We should understand the the purpose of Media. Job of media is to guide rightfully the people in power in right direction and to reach messages of good initiatives and help them spread all over. Only this two. Giving a holding hand to the dreamers and making a protection shield for the sufferers. Nothing more; nothing less. Mind you! Media is not a dumping yard to omit whatever that happens to us! We should validate to our own consciousness if what we are doing is worth or not!

NV Paulose
Global TV

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