Is their a turnaround to happen in MP Candidature 2019?

Posted on: September 5, 2018

JR Lobo likely to be chosen for Parliament Election!?


by NV Paulose

Political predictions are very complex and the equations are fluctuating even at the last moment but the waves are giving positive signals about the candidature of JR Lobo for Mangalore Parliamentary Constituency. Coming parliament election is more tough for all the parties. Fielding anyone and winning is possible only when the voting machines are at the disposal of the ruling party. There are chances of more hue and cry in this regard and There may be chances of more transparency and convincing methods to get added up. Ballet paper also may come back into existence. Nation stood fifty days in queue on accounts of demonitization. A day’s queue may not be that difficult for Indian people. Democracy has become a habit for India. There may be more sacrifices to prove it really democratic and transparent.

Performance of MLAs and MPs has also become a criteria all of a sudden. National politics is slowly getting into detailed introspection and people are asking each MPs to present their performance report. Routine kind of a casual document may not work this time. When Ministers are asked for performance there may be demand for Performance from others. Query may come from Top office or from the constituencies.

More youngsters getting into voting streams are looking about creation of additional employment opportunities at various constituencies. There may be a demand for a graphical performance report in terms of developmental parameters in place of todays political manifestos. Figures and pictures may be in demand in place of casual political reports of accusations and allegations. Youth may demand for more opportunities and openings. Even NRIs are looking for a better environment so that they can come back to their natives.

There is an internal re-engineering happening in BJP circles about how to choose a performing candidate for Mangalore constituency. Not that the other constituencies are confirmed with the existing MPs. Public has become more alert and demanding about the performance of their elected members in Parliament and everywhere else. Adjustments and power circles are slowly becoming old stories. Performance and leadership qualities are rated by everyone today. Shaking confidence in existing MP and possibility of a new face from BJP mostly a candidate of independent reputation may make the competition more tough this time.

Preparations are seen in the political circles even at grassroots. Last minute candidate selection may cause damage for winning possibilities of every candidate. Mangalore is regarded being one of very expressive constituencies and one of the campaign capitals in Karnataka. There are chances of early announcements of candidature at least in inner circles.

Influence of observers from Kerala in deciding the candidature in Congress may go in favour of JR Lobo. His continued mode of active work even when there is no office of power impress everyone. People are still doubting the role of inner games in election result. Process of enquiries and judgement are all delayed processes in Indian standards. JR Lobo is very confident about getting back into the office of performance. Track records are good. Political predictions were all good. There were appreciations from everywhere. He never went into any kind of political tricks in election campaigns. What went wrong? No one knows.

Economy at local and national level is suffering set backs one after the other. There need to be a turn around in political performance. Rule at Indira Gandhi regime was to field anyone and people are about to vote to whoever is the candidate. Today, every voter need to know what is there for me in it. Either in kind or in kindness.

Politics is in an auto clean up status at present. Professionalism is also entering from all sides. Dictator mode to collective decision making is the move eventhogh it is slow and unstable. We csn see consultants everywhere. Perform or perish has become the formula. It is also a warning signal for those who take things for granted. Figures should talk and to figure out a way out may not be that easy at this juncture. May be smart city to play a role. Most probably being an added blow over the rock bottom performance at present. Youngsters are smart enough to ask you a report on performance day wise. Very wise be prepared.


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