Kerala Kodagu Flood Relief! Coast Guard Mangalore Supported by Institutions

Posted on: August 18, 2018

NITTE, YENEPOYA and others responded to the call from COAST GUARD! Mangalore

Mobile Recorded and Edited!  Length of the Episode: 6:55 

One India One People!

Entire India Join Hands in helping the Victims of Natural Calamity!!

Everywhere seen are large activities of collecting relief materials and sending them to the places of grief. Coast Guard is a faster and safer way. Youngsters are also seen at everywhere taking the challenge in their hands and addressing them in a big way.

Loads of materials are in the process of collection and proper distribution. This is one such situation that India faces a challenge together. All faces are becoming one with the crying faces looking for care and concern.

There are warnings issued to be carefully followed in the process of return to normal life. Those who are returning home should do it very carefully and in groups. Let children be in the camps until their homes are confirmed safe.

Prof. Dr. C K Manjunath, Mr. Guruprashanth Bhat Kundeshwara & Dr T. P. M. Pakkala

Coast Guard Mangalore has taken large initiatives to reach out to the people at Kerala and Kodagu. DIG S S Dasila, commander, Coast Guard Karnataka has been very enthusiastic about the life saving efforts of the Coast Guard personnel both at Kerala and at Kodagu.

At the very same time he is very appreciative about the response from the Leading institutions in Mangalore towards his call to send relief materials to the flood hit areas. Loads of supports are moving towards different destinations. Coast Guard is reaching out to Kerala using Ships at service and Helicopters are at service to support Kodagu and Kerala.

Fast response from institutions:

DIG S S Dasila found very much touched by the quick response from the Educational Institutions and others in sending support for the people who are in urgent need of it. Justice KS Hegde Institute of Management (JKSHIM) of NITTE Education Trust, Yenepoya group of Institutions, AJ Medical College and Research Centre, Big Bazar are responded in quick response to the call. Ship carrying relief materials reaches Cochin on Sunday (19/8) DIG S S Dasila said. He had appreciated the institutions for their overwhelming support.

Most of the Staff at Coast Guard Mangalore are already at rescue operations; he said. He had just returned from Mangalore Airport after sending a Helicopter to Kodagu.

Supporting hands when posed for a photograph with DIG SS Dasila

Support from Everywhere:

Every person is in one or other way are engaged in the process of support to the victims of this natural calamity. Institutions and organisation are also taking steps to help the victims. There is lot of coordination and enthusiasm seen in the faces of people who are in the helping process. State of Kerala and Kodagu are addressing one of the toughest times in the history of natural calamities. There was a similar situation in the year 1924.

With COAST GUARD Mangalore

JKSHIM Professors – Yenepoya Group Representatives – Big Bazar Managers

Prof. Dr. CK Manjunath with DIG SS Dasila

Appreciation for the Youth:

DIG Dasila had appreciated the youth for their dynamism and thrill in responding to the call for support. Attitude and Gratitude are the factors that are going to decide your destiny in life; he told the youngsters who were active in the support initiatives.

We should let go the E from Ego and that will help us to go forward; DIG Dasila told. Everyone at Coast Guard Mangalore were found passionate about the work that they do in support of their fellowmen who are suffering from the calamities of nature.


Support Messages from Kodagu Region:

I am Jagath  Kalamanda, from virajpet Nisarga layout,I have a service apartment and i  can accommodate 50 to 100people—-I am ready to help flood effected people —-if u know  such people, who need help ,,,,can contact me 9482769320—08274255214–08274256214—K K Groups of residency

I am D devaraj from mysore

I have a resort in kodagu I am ready to help the flood effected people in kodagu so if u have such people who need help please contact me

My adress : dubare road nanjarayapatna, dubare view valley resort

Contact number :9972963627

I am Kuttanda lokesh from ammathi karmad,,, I have a temple and can accommodate 30 people and more…I am ready to help flood effected people… If u know such ppl, who need help… can contact me 9741895908,9663309611


NVP @ 9844182044


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