Kumta! Large initiative for Farm Export Intervention! !

Posted on: September 17, 2018

Youth Entrepreneurship @ Focus.

Leadership from CA GS Kamath.

Participation from all stakeholders.

By NV Paulose

Perfect coordination and positive participation from all stakeholders can revolutionize Indian economy to greater heights. Lead news from Kumta in Karwar district of Karnataka state shows how things can happen when there is coordinated efforts and proper leadership. Initiative of CA GS Kamath to create opportunities for the youth in farm entrepreneurship and coordinated farming has come to a successful beginning with a full day seminar with participation of Rotary Club, Lead Banks, Officials and Scientists from Agriculture and Horticulture departments, number of farmers and enterprising youth. Unlike usual programs,  every participant was seen involved in the program.

Selfless leadership and enthusiastic action plans are the secrets for success. Seeing the complete circle of planning and operations is a visionary process. Connecting right kind of people for each segment of activity is also very important. CA GS Kamath is banking on the youngsters who approach him seeking job. I shall arrange to give you professional training and better job opportunities with your enhanced performance; he says to the youngsters.  Things work well since it is organized in a large scale and in a big way. Everyone value for the higher vision and thus we see transformational harmony in coordination of the program. This is a very practical model for other places.

Polyhouse farming:

Today’s focus is in polyhouse farming. Plenty of models are presented to the proposed participants in the program. Crop order and techniques to take maximum crops were presented. Addressing possible virus attack is also explained.

Polyhouse farming is a way of protected cultivation in agriculture. The polyethylene plastic is used to cover the structure. It enables to cultivate high value crops(horticulture) in the structure.

Some are naturally ventilated polyhouses and some are under the total climate control system having motorised screens and ventilators.

Protected cultivation under Polyhouse is gaining importance these days. It proves to be beneficial to the farmers since it enables.

  1. Off Season cultivation of vegetables/fruits which enables the farmer to have a better price realisation
  2. Extended life cycle of the crops.
  3. Controlled environment for the crops.
  4. Cucumber,Tomato,Strawberry,bottleguard,cabbage,capsicum, flowers etc can be cultivated in polyhouse.

Mainly Drip irrigation is employed in the polyhouse farming.




CA GS Kamath with MBAs at Justice KS Hegde Institute of Management

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