Posted on: September 30, 2018

Inclusive Growth for Employment and Economic Progress; CA GS Kamath 

By Kiran Kuvalkar

Social growth and employment development has to happen in smaller towns than in metropolitan cities; said Chartered Accountant and Social Reformer GS Kamath. Opportunities are plenty and atmosphere is all set for India to ptogress into the next level. We should make use of the time and surroundings, he said. Yongsters should become enterprising and part of collective initiatives and action plans. Everyone else shoukd provide them support and required training.

CA GS Kamath is all set to Coordinate and Champion the employment opportunities growth machanics of Uthara Kannada District. Fifty years of his service had helped to set up many path-breaking establishments from this region that all had spread their wings to larger operational areas and brand markets. Need of the day is different. There need to be organised branding initiative.

The district should become a place for organic product brands. Large scale farming should happen in collective farming sector. Everyone shiuld join hands and should do their small little contribution. Collectively we should be able to cater to the demands from international locations like London and other European regions. India is at the threshold of large progress and tapping on our real strength is the way ahead. We have lots of land available for cultivation with all resources and required scientific support from governmental agencies.We should use them very well.

It is a very common thing to get job applications in my office. Youngsters both boys and girls come almost every day. They need some job. They are unable to speak out when we ask about their capabilities and specialisations. Literally our youngsters come out from education with no skills and empty hands. This is not the case in advanced nations. Campus life help them to identify their talents and get them skilled in those areas of activities. They also get returns when they undertake project works in the campuses. Identification of talents and Development of skills should be the priority in schools and Colleges. This is the first priority in fact.

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