Landing points and planting space can make India to prosper at once!

Posted on: August 5, 2018

Practical Wisdom
By Gayathri Vishwanath

India should get into larger initiatives involving large number of people. Resources that are available at zero cost should be utilized. Landing points and planting space are the themes suggested. Identifying matching combinations that can engage large number of people and giving momentum to the initiatives by converting them into social movements is the way.

Indian Economy is so vibrant, inspiring and highly promising. We can easily spot goodness emerging everywhere. Two segments that doesn’t allow things to happen is the political system and the official machinery. It doesn’t mean there is no one good in politics and administration. People in both the segments are basically good. System is bad over a period of time.
Main setback for goodness to emerge is in the beliefsystem of the people at key places. There are not many who believes in a solution that can happen overnight or over a period of time. Everyone see an endless road that take the nation into deeper uncertainties. No one wanted to try for any better solutions just because there is no hope in their minds.

Everyone see everything blank in their front.
Still, everyone says as if they see solutions in front of them. This big lie that they are taking the nation forward is the cause of suffering in India. There is no single solution in front is a fact. It should be like that. Why should we search what is right in front of us? Results has to come once we employ sufficient amount of efforts.

At the beginning what we need to have is hope and willingness to work towards the outcome. As we progress in efforts, outcome has to come out and make itself visible and accessible.

There cannot be any set methods towards success. Every effort has to bring success. Quality and quantity of the outcome depends on the quality and quantity of the efforts.

One person working and one thousand people working in the same pace has to bring proportionatelydifferent results.

Large number of offices and establishments can take a lead just by welcoming people to utilise their premises for social entrepreneurship initiatives. Such establishments and offices get their advantage automatically with the presence of such people and initiatives. Virtual ventures virtually require no space. Giving space for people to come together can create large momentum for such initiatives. Every resource has its value inbuilt.

Plenty of lands are available for joint ventures. National housing schemes at people level away from political and administrativejargon can do wonders. Deployment of people in a proper system is the secret of success. Every plumber in one city may cause inconveniences for the entire nation. Everyone has to get connected and has to work in a cooperative mindset.

Organizations are no solutions. It can create further mess in the society by becoming an additional cost centre. Form informal organizations to do one task and leave it once the purpose is done. India is a large nation of people who are truly brothers and sisters to one another. That is the largest organizational form in the world. We need not make an establishment out of it.

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