Large Scale Micro Interventions!

Posted on: September 22, 2018

The way ahead in Nation Building is Large initiatives of smaller units that are interconnected and Hierarchical!

Each Intervention should be on High Yield Projects!! They are in Plenty!!

Large number people in the field at action front. Each one should become a Revenue Model self sustainable either independent or together with other projects. Local products in national campaigns! This is the only way ahead!

By Giridhar Prabhu / NV Paulose 

Oh! INDIA!! Come on! Bank up on the people of the nation particularly the large chunk of youth and the remaining chunk of youthful people at different age groups. Just break the pattern of capital dumping and deploy them diligently and intelligently. Why should you invest 100 Crores in something that can be done at an investment of just a crore. This is what is happening in India today. We need to change the pattern and simply draw a bigger circle in place of today’s close up circles.

Each corporate is like a sun today. But with no solar system evolved around. This is a simple change that is required today. Make corporate expansion plans multiplied and added with a large number of people at every extra circles around. Let their be earths and moons and all other small and big systems in fact in their places. Make sure you are not tying each other so that to curtail their free movements.

While at the top we convert isolated Sun’s into Solar Systems, we should also recharge the economic level of people at grassroots. This is just like ground water recharge systems. Everyone knows the need of water recycling and recharging water sources. When there is water at ground it can be spread and displayed as we want. When there is no water? We learned a lot from the draught experiences in the past.

Today we are at an economic draught. There is no proper recharging at the ground level. No one is interested in this process since they find no importance on this. This was the same case about ground water earlier. Everyone suddenly has become alert when draught started to hit them hard. Today it is economic draught and we should realise the need of interventions at the bottom level. People should get engaged and better rewarded so that they have extra income to come and spend them into the market place.

Economic cycles has to begin there or else we have to play today’s economic circus. Today we talk big and do a little about it. This belittling behaviour take us to narrow mind sets and to wrong roots. It is time for introspection and a holistic approach. Idea of a National Government could have been proposed today suppose Atal Bihari Vajpayee is around today in power. What for we fight for power? Is it to keep the other in inaction?

Indian culture is of togetherness and bumblebees. We should side line our personal interests and should come together for common purposes. This is very sad we fight on silly topics just to keep people divided. Divided and rule was British Strategy. We should go beyond and unite with each other. No gain when we are against one another.

All projects of large scale micro interventions can be done once we are operating in a platform of justice. Big question of “for what” arises when that is in question we ask with one another. First justice and then development. That is the sequence. Truth is the fundamental foundation of justice and peace. Let us become truthful.

Once we are truthful we start to hear our father of the nation. Reaching justice at the doorstep of the last person in the nation. How far we are closer to that. We are far away from the destination and are not able to see them even at far. Long way to go before we sleep and to get a sound sleep with bright memories around.

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