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Posted on: September 13, 2018

Do We Get A Second Chance to Correct Our Mistakes?

By Windsaid Wisdom

Becoming part of the universe is the best wisdom that every part of it and every particle in it can have. We are one with wisdom of the universe. It is fine as we remain with the nature. We are governed and guided by intuition as long we remain in such a paradigm.

Our wisdom start to collapse from the moment we turn our thought to catch the world into our tiny hands. What an arrogance to hold entire seas in a small pot. This is but what happens everywhere in the world.

How come people do try to control everything around them?

This is a simple philosophy very easy to understand and articulate. People who take decisions at conscious mind and feed them to the unconscious mind are at the mistake end. They simply try to make a small calculation that fit into their thought process. And think everything as fallen in line with their calculations. Unconscious mind is unconditional and it accepts everything as it is. Things doesn’t spread as planned at a conscious mind. It has limits within the framework of time.

Anything to happen should have its beginning at unconscious mind and to get it approved should have the universal wisdom associated with that. Fall in line with the large wisdom and that is the way for things to emerge in a big way.

Unconscious mind has a Universal Language!

Unconscious mind speaks through the language of senses. It may vary from person to person at the bottom level but things change and expand as the wisdom grows higher. Every beings including human beings are at the disposal of the universal flow. It is like a flood and one has to fall into the flow of the flood. Each one may sense it different way but the plan goes by the broader plans.

It is always nice being low profile while aiming at greater purposes. We can pose otherwise when there is no purpose other than just to pose being the controller of time for the time being.

What an arrogance to control the large wisdom with our tiny bit of nonsense thoughts. Be humble is better than being humbled by the universal nature. The nature of universal nature is always for the favour of the unconditional since the unconditional is always flexible to the tune of the common good.

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