Limitation of a Government!

Posted on: October 11, 2018

People in Power think they can do anything and everything!

What happens then is the utterances of arrogance and occurrence of ignorance. Universe is set to be scientific and methodical. All that is being done is rewarded or reversed back. But it is difficult to advice one when in Power. Just like advising a drug addict to quit the habit. Large wisdom is a delayed guest appearance!

By Priya Ghosh / NV Paulose 

We are living in a complex system. Truth is kept covered and to discover is to uncover several layers around it. A government for people is not existing anywhere in the world. Relatively better places are also signalling the bad traits of power maniac. Power exercised in whatever format has a price to pay back. And to have wisdom to be self monitored is a rarest among the rare things seen in the world around.

We are acting upon our limited calculations. We only count a little and thing a long line unending in the same count. We do not realise the reverse count. Power is the shortest ever reality in the world and universe. We feel the other side of sitting on a hot plate. We wanted to get out somehow when we are seated on a hot plate. Opposite is the fact in case of when we are in Power. We feel like we are sitting on the lap of a glorious time. And then, it ends just like that and the other side comes up without any less on other side.

Tough times are also like that. It ends as it has come. PATIENCE and PERSISTENCE are the two things that we should evolve with when we are at tough times. With whom are you making your plans is a relevant question for those who are working for excellence in existence. Everything is Maya is the reality ever existed. Everything is evolving and revolving. Things has to happen according to the plans of the larger wisdom. All of us has to fall in line with those lines of larger wisdom and should become part of the quantum principles.

Kings and queens in history had fought with nature and natural schemes of actions. Many have attempted to place their finger print in the historic rock of records. Anything that has generated away from reality has to vanish and go away with a tarnished image of goodwill.

Kingdoms are recreated within us without we knowing that we are playing some important roles. To play with wisdom is the best thing that can happen to us. Let us be calm and with the natural wisdom. Nature can cure every pain and everything turn to be our gain at a larger perspective.

Tough times last!
Tough people remain!!

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