Media should Camouflage with Life of the People!

Posted on: September 27, 2018


By SN Ramesh/ NV Paulose / Udayakumar Kollimutt 

Life of the People should be the focus of Media. People and Media should become one with the other one. There should be something for the people in the Media. That will connect people with the Media World.

Media should discuss matters that reflect in the life of society. Media should bring prosperity to the society. Connecting people and bringing them together is the purpose of Media. Gandhiji’s Gramswaraj is possible with media intervention in creation of Global Villages. One channel one newspaper for every village to connect every person from that village.

Entire world comes to the village is a great idea for development. It bring prosperity to everyone. Entire world is camouflaged to every village through the people of the village who are spread everywhere. Great opportunities open up! Right in Our Front!!We are living at the best times!

Role of Media in Social Development:

Media has a role to play in the society. Everyone has a role in society. Role of politicians are different. Role of officials are different. Roles of institutions are different. Role of Media is to connect everyone and to bring them into common platform.

Focus of Media is development and topic of every media discussion supposed to be development. Today’s Media is but remains being a centre of confusions and controversies. Media is controlled by one or the other. All attempt is to keep attention of people away from real topics. We are missing a large opportunity to bring people together just because of our blind eye towards the possibilities. We are stuck in conflicts.

Advent of internet and entry of Mobile phones, tabs and other accessories has changed conventional media totally. Ninety percent of the newspaper readerships are happening in mobile phones. Computers, TV’s and conventional newspapers are all supported by mobile and internet versions. The Media world has reached out to entire world and both has become one world!

They should now reflect in the life and prosperity of People. Every village should get their newspaper and TV Channel. We should create opportunities that can create more opportunities in an exponential scale of growth. Six lakhs Indian villages can create One Million Jobs in Media and it can reflect in the life of a billion people positively. Everyone benefit in this way.

Camouflage with Life of society! Connect people Globally!! Bring development to Villages!

Development model of the West went wrong and in wrong directions. Destruction of the existing and replacing them with concrete construction was the development model of the West. They are now facing troubles of this model and trying to make corrections. We should not follow that model which the West is now repenting up on. We should feel happy for the delay in our development process since we have not gone much in the wrong directions. When we progress we should go with our learning from the mistakes of ours and others. That’s the right path.

Abundance of nature and active people are the great resources for development. We have both nature and people everywhere in the country. Every development process should involve nature and people. Both of them should be included in the development process. There is no point in destroying the abundance In nature and replacing them with synthetic greenery.

Similar way there is no point in taking people away from their native when we are able to retain them there itself. Development should go to the doorsteps of the people. They should not be forced to wander around for opportunities.

Fundamental principles of Camouflage:

Merge with the existing is the basic principle. Keep everything intact and add what is necessary. This is important in everything. Nature should be preserved and we should add more greenery to the existing. It is nice to use local specious maximum.

Same principles should be followed in every other cases. We should make improvisation in the life of the People in tune with their affinities and affiliations. Cities should connect themselves with villages and people should do their best in upliftment of their native villages. In fact, resources in the villages are sufficient to bring prosperity when we are able to process them proper. Concept of Global Village is an expanded Village.

Our education system should become more practical oriented and our students should reach out to the real and practical world. Mere classroom education is not enough. Each one should discover themselves and should nurture their dreams. Our future is in our people. Media should channel the growth process in a systematic and speedy manner.






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