Mentors and Warriors!

Posted on: August 8, 2018

One Theme! One Million Career

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India at this juncture require mass campaigns that can create large career avenues for the youngsters. Large number of them are unemployed. All the governments are sure about their difficulty in providing employments for them. Prime Minister was more straight forward and told youngsters to become Entrepreneurs. This is one great thing that to give the people a real picture that the solution is possible only when large number of employers emerge from the youngsters.

One thing that no one is doing is taking advantage of the time and technology. All are following the old Capital and Investment model. This has to change.

We should understand different types of Capital. Our governmental systems work only on finance capital. There is no focus on our Social Capital, Intellectual Capital and Infrastructural Capital.

Large transformation happen when we make a proper proportion of all these capitals.

Social Capital, Intellectual Capital and Infrastructural Capital.

Many things that can be procured without financial capital are to be understood properly. We need to connect large number of Mentors to the large band of Warriors. Youngsters are the Warriors. They are the horses who can gallop and reach far and wide a distance in the journey for success.



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