Modi or Rahul OR The People of India?

Posted on: August 21, 2018

Who is going transform India and build the nation to become a role model for the entire world?

Climbing up and Reaching Success is the Mission

Kerala and Kodagu in Mission Re-building the Nation

Modi or Rahul? OR The People of India!

By Gayathri Vishwanath

Who is going transform India and build the nation being a role model for the entire world? This is a question that we should meditate in the light of the tough times our people had come out with a different approach towards life. People of India irrespective of every categories of age, sex, religion or political affiliation had come up to the occasion and had faced the challenges with a smile.

It could be the willpower of the people that had changed the mind of God to end the game announcing people being the winner at the end of the game. What is really amazing is the change of attitude in everyone. There is nothing greater than life! This fact is visible in every faces that are smiling amidst heavy losses of everything else.

Tough times are normally being handled adversely by someone loosing hope and someone taking undue advantage out of the situation. Both didn’t happen in the case of Kerala and Kodagu to a large extent. There were no difference between government and private, this group or that group. Everyone did their best to reduce the casualty and no one too the situation casually.

Fishermen of Kerala

Fishermen of Kerala must have done much more than the Army of India in saving life and bringing back everyone to the shores of hope and happiness. They let their boats to go into rescue operations and they had jumped into the rough water forgetting their life and safety measures. Below post in Social Media is a testimonial for their great contribution and God only can reward them appropriately for their goodness, kind heart, courage and selfless approach towards life.

Youth Power!

Power, energy and enthusiasm of the youth is demonstrated at tough times. They had rose to their highest levels of performance every time in the past and they can make everything possible with their coordination and cooperation.

The Japanese Model:

Japan is the only nation in the world who had told the world that they shall face the challenge without external support. In Kerala and Kodagu, people have demonstrated same spirit by offering help and support instead of taking help. Contributions are pouring mainly to Chief Ministers account and all the money will go in the rebuilding activities at affected places. There will not be any misuse of funds. Same is in the cases of organizations that are collecting help in different forms.

Individually everyone is taking care and are seeking only minimum support for survival like food and other amenities. Once they are back at their homes they shall rebuild their homes again back to the glory. All prayers are for God’s inference that give everybody required strength to withstand with the time.

Rebuilding Process:

Same spirit of togetherness and oneness can rebuild Kerala and Kodagu back to their glory and further far above all limits and boundaries. Selfless service of the youth and cooperation of institutions and organizations at every city and village can do wonders. Global participation and cooperation can do Miracles in the remake of a new world of hope and happiness in Kerala and Kodagu.
Global TV wish to share few thoughts to invoke attention of the youth of Kerala and Kodagu to come together and to form large conglomeration of the youth in the world. These are Zero Capital forms of establishments that works in virtual systems and can really transform the way we recreate oneness and prosperity all around.

Residential Resort Projects.

Residences, Career and Profitable investments! These are the three components in Residential Resorts Projects. Land holdings that are looking for investments and joint ventures can initiate the process with those who are in or interested in tourism projects. Projects should be built up in a way residences should become part of the project while privacy is taken care in unique ways.

Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd based at Bangalore can provide plans and supports for the projects. The group has already done several projects in similar lines except including residential themes into it. There is a plan to build an Agro Tourism project keeping residences at non cultivable spaces. This model can easily be developed into Residential Resort Projects.

Secular work stations.

Need of the Hour is to create quality work stations for the youth and the retired people who can bat for another innings. We should move from capital model to revenue models. Religious and Social establishments should come forward to develop Start up centres that are available for the youth and the youthful free of cost.


Start up Centres Free of Cost:

NV Paulose, Abdul Raheem Teekay with Commander Ramachandra Narayanan.

A model is being initiated by Abdul Raheem Teekay, Managing Director of Teekays Concepts Pvt. Ltd and Author who also had translated The Alchemist of world famous author Paulo Coelho into Kannada and had given 1000 copies free to the underprivileged children in Kannada Medium schools and Colleges. The model is simple. Work for an hour per day and get entire services of a start up centre free of cost, one hour that you work also rewards you according to your performance.

There are plenty of professional support available for the youth in the rebuilding process. We shall connect about 100 of them for those who prepare a plan of action and send a summary of them to us.  WhatsApp to contact is 8762895418

Source of Professional guidance:

We shall publish a long list of Mentors soon


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