Mounting Corruption at One Side! Punishing the upright on Other Side

Posted on: August 23, 2018

Both Sides of the coin are throwing the nation from frying pan to fire!

By NV Paulose

India suppose to be the most advanced nation in the world by now. We are very far from that reality just because of the mounting corruption in political system and their approach towards administrative system. There is no demand for upright officers in India. All are asked to do favors to their political bosses or else face tough times in their life.

There is all sorts of dirty tricks played to tarnish good images of upright officers. The latest among such incidents  is being reported under the nose of the PMO wherein the Managing Director of well performing Indian Railway Finance Corporation is took to task on silly charges that are very easy to understand as cooked up stories.

News Report on the topic

No one in the government systems seems to be bothered about performance of PSUs and government departments. The reason is simple. No one expect a transformation possible in India. We had one who had confidence in the youth of India. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam! That’s why we had seen him always active and dynamic in inspiring the youth. Who is there in the government to follow the footsteps of Dr. Kalam? No one! This is not going to take our nation anywhere.

We the citizens should understand the gravity of the situation and should get into positive response modes by getting into nation building activities. In Kerala at recent floods, both natural and dam related, we have seen the wonders that people can play in addressing tough situations. The same way, we should come together and take our nation to the next level. Government should at least allow the upright officials to work fearlessly.

Honorable Prime Minister should look into the acts of people at the power corridors. It will protect the image of the PM being a non corrupt dignified politician and law maker since there are no one else seems to be interested in curbing corruption in the nation. Perform or perish is the option in front of this generation. When we go financially corrupt our next generation may go morally corrupt. Do we need a derailed nation?

Every adverse situation had turned into good when the people involved make corrective steps. India should start this process without further delay. We are at a point where we can revive the system and bring it back to our glorious days. Remember the golden days of India prior to foreign invasion. Things were our strength then. Today our strength is the people. Hence, keep upright officers untouched and the entire youth highly inspired.

Let performance be the criteria!  Political postings can only become disasters!!    

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