Neutrality! and Nationality!!

Posted on: July 20, 2018

Be Impartial and Non Judgmental

True Nationality is filled in his Personality

Photo Caption: True Nationality is filled in his Personality

We human beings are impartial, neutral and natural beings basically. Our make itself is in such a broader perspective. We have no limitations kept from inside. As a child we had only one mind and it was and it is asvast as an ocean that is invisible in spread and connected throughout from end to end.

Spread and size of an ocean is very small when compared with potential of human mind. We cannot measure our mind since it is immeasurably vast. We then convert a tiny little portion of our mind and create a small segment out of it over a period of time. This happen in a natural way when we start observations and comparisons.

Comparison is possible only when we do it between one and another one. We need to make it externally sensible. Visible, audible, felt, smelt or tasted are the ways that our senses function. This is very different in our inside and outside portions of the mind.

Let us call these two portions of mind with the name scientists had given since long even though nature of the mind is exactly opposite to what it is being chalked out. Scientists named tiny portion of our mind ‘conscious’ and the vast portion is naturally ‘unconscious’. We use several words with different meaning at different forms of our expressions. These all mess up our way of analysis and methods of understanding.

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