NEWS! Going North East West and South! Leaving the Centre of Purpose!!

Posted on: August 26, 2018

Coming to the Centre of purpose is the need of the Hour!

By Uttam Vishwas

Taking people into confidence is very important in a democratic set up. Giving freedom of expression is a fundamental requirement. The same platform can be used for development campaigns in a big way

Under Utilized Resources

Doordarshan – an Example

Doordarshan was kept a government monopoly in Media. It had a very rigid system until it was expanded. When it was opened up; it could create large ripples of progress in the society.

Today there are plenty of media houses operating in India and the economy is progressed manifold. Revenue models from the media scenario have changed a lot and various economic developments are also seen today because of such expansions.

Media is the Trendsetter!
Change begins at Media always!!

In a democracy; media has to be opened up to the whole or a large chunk of the population. Today’s media is in a changeover from analog to digital and from digital to its multi dimensions. Take the examples of Doordarshan and All India Radio few years’ back. There were only one channel in both radio and television in India. There are hundreds of channels and more than thousand radio stations today in India.

The frequencies that were not used and utilized are now at use. Huge growth happened in this sector and it triggered growth at every sectors. When we look at every institution in India; we see similar avenues in plenty. Expansion is a new thing today; it is permutations and combinations than a single line expansion drive. There are plenty of new areas untapped and unutilized! The resources underutilized should be made open for projects and innovative ideas. Every competition can be avoided with combined programs and initiatives for larger benefits.

People at organizations should come out with new ideas that are promoting the business at one side and bringing new revenue models on the other side; there should be incentive packages! Allow the people who are working in institutions to involve people from outside in those projects and to take their share in the profit.

Take up complementary projects that are promoting the mainstream activities of the group! We can have a million micro media units in Global TV Platform attached with real economic units so that the promotion of that economic unit is managed by the concerned media unit.


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