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  1. I don’t know much about his academic background, he was a few years senior to me in college and later a teacher.
    He was an all-round sports man. Any game, he was on top including athletes! Sports men are Gentlemen! So he was. A great guy!

    1. Thank you
      Sports was my hobby.
      I was too young and junior to Impress you Acadmically?
      My blessings to you.

  2. Sir we are lucky to have a teacher ,guide, highly principled,practical person who taught us not only to master the skills of dental subjects but also showed us humanity, generosity, feeling for the rural people, underprivileged people of the society,who were the back bone of our country.
    I wish to quote a famous saying of Swamy vivekananda…If you get me few men who are pure, selfless and honest, I will shake the whole world..sir you really one of such few men…
    I studied under your guidance and came to know about the width and depth of your concern to students and patients…you are a real statesman who look forward to the next generations where as a politician will be looking forward towards the next elections…sir words are not sufficient to describe your personality…you are like a Meeru Parvatha…in our dental profession sir…we, your beloved students are really blessed to have good professional guidance from you Sir…we always remember your sweet memories sir…good fragrance like jasmine flowers Sir..
    Dr.M.Shivakumar, professor of public health dentistry..

  3. Dr Sridhar Shetty sir was a father figure to all of us . He is my mentor , guide and philosopher . Along with imparting dental education of the highest order to all of us in those day ( I am an 86 batch student of Dr Sridhar Shetty ) , sir has above all tried to teach us values in life. His influence is there in the way many of us who are in the teaching profession also inculcated.
    He used to tell us “ don’t just train your students for a class . Train them for a career “
    Dr Sridhar Shetty sir is an icon , a shining beam of light who has been instrumental in moulding a lot many of us into what we are now . I d like to place on record now , if not for Sir , I would have quit dentistry . Being out of my home state for the first time and having very limited English speaking skills I almost called it quits when sir took me under his wings , like a few of others , always kept a watchful and caring eye , put me under a caretaker teacher and it changed my life
    Happy bday wishes dear Sridhar Shetty Sir
    We all collectively pray for your good health and happiness . Continue to bless all of us for years to come
    Lots of love n regards
    Dr Rupesh PL
    Class of 86

  4. Professor N Sridhar Shetty, I find you a different personality, a generous man with a strong voice since we met in Japan to establish collaboration with Okayama University Dental School, Japan and AB Shetty Dental College. I explore more about your conception based translational activities, and those were evidenced as rural satellite centre for health promotion, impressed me hugely . Your entitative created a model which in fact, aims to reduce the inequalities for health in India. After completion of my assignments in Japan, I had my pleasure and privilege to work with you in India during 1998 and 2002 at AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences of Nitte University, and your induction helped a lot to work for India. You are the person helped to bring the specialty of Oral Biology and Genomic Studies to accomplish several essential projects, guiding doctoral researches and you unreservedly supported the new ideas of educational development for dentistry. I find you differently dynamic during 2010 to 2017, the period I used to divide my time between UK and India. That way, you successfully established the department of Implantology, and helped the junior colleagues to sustain that, I guess it still working. As a man you are extraordinarily supportive for new development, and open to hear the others’ views. I recollect the beautiful moments with you, and I miss the warm discussions over a cup of tea during my stay at Mangalore. I never hear from you any negative things, and I observed you, – uniquely supportive for all, even you were good for them who had different opinions and contradicted harshly with you at times. I always cognized with the concept of community / patient involvement for health development, and your unique concept of holistic approach of health delivery, which aims to reduce the health equalities complies with mine largely, and I am pleased to know that you have published your such activities is really inspirational to many open-minded people in India, would spark for betterment of humanity among many activists. Sridhar-ji, you are not a mere colleague and a senior friend to me, you a history to me as well, you touches me always. I do pray and wish for your for a long life with good health and spirit. Ever Chitta.

    Professor Chitta Chowdhury
    PhD (Japan), MPH(UK), FFD RCS (Ireland), MFDS RCPS(Glasg),FRSPH (UK),DND (DU),BDS (DU)
    Academic Dean
    Dissertation Module Director
    Chairman, Research Review Committee
    The University of Bolton City of London Dental School,
    Southgate Dental Science Campus, London, UK

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  5. My Sir, Prof. Dr. N. Sridhar Shetty is a dynamic leader, teacher and reformer. He was a father figure to us in A.B.S.M.I.D.S. He prepared us “not just for another class, but for a career”. His care for us was evident in not just curricular activities and academics but also in the his attention to our life in the hostel and even the quality of food we ate. Prof. Dr. Sridhar Shetty Sir taught us not just to face an examination but how to treat patients humanely and with compassion. Sir’s penchant for perfection always nudged us to strive for more and never be complacent. Sir will ever be the bright Star in the night sky that guides me and gives me direction to my path and the Light of the day to remind me that there’s still lots more to be done and achieved in life and career. Happy Birthday Sir. I thank GOD for having shared you to be part of my life for ever and shaping my career

  6. Dr Shridar Shetty was a senior in GDC and we were in the same hostel and was a good sportsman and after his PG he came back to the college as a lecturer, a good soul but strict at the same time May God bless him and his family Dr Anil Chengappa

  7. You were a real teacher. Very understanding and always thought good for students. Today I follow your footsteps while teaching my students in Brisbane, Australia.
    Our time in GDC Bangalore in late 1970s is still our golden period.
    Wish you a very happy Bday.
    To Sir, With Love

    1. I enjoyed my days at GDC.
      We always celebrated with joy.
      It was Indeed golden days.
      Thank you.
      My blessings.

  8. Professor Dr N Sridhar Shetty is a Living Legend in the field of Dentistry and Health care. He is a Great teacher and is a beautiful gift given by god because god is a creator of the whole world and a teacher is a creator of a whole nation. A teacher is such an important person in the life of a student, who through his knowledge, patience and love gives a strong shape to student’s whole life.
    Dr N Sridhar Shetty Sir is indeed often called as thw Bhishmapitamah in Dentistry who has taken Dentistry to great hieghts in India.
    Sir has believed in being career oriented 30 years back and saw that students get the best of teachers, knowledge, clinical exposure and have compassion and empathy to patients.
    Thank you everything and what we are today.
    Wishing Happy 80th birthday and hope you score a century by being healthy and happy.
    Dr Subhas babu and OMR Team

  9. Good students will succeed anywhere because of their self confidence & ability.It is we , the average & below average students , who need to be moulded properly because after getting low marks in CLASS 12 , the student will be very low in morale,Sir is the right person for such students.
    Sir would make sure on freshers batch orientation that,the parents feel that have left their kids in the right hands.
    Sir would keep following the growth of the child by having student – staff meeting after every internal tests conducted at college.
    When the cultural activities start every year , he will participate in sports , skits & fashion shows.This quality of Sir shows us that you should be an all rounder like him & not just be good in academics.
    I used to wonder Sir’s basic rules of not wearing jeans to college , no riding bikes , shave everyday , dress up like a doctor.But after I passed out of college, i realised its so much necessary.He would mould us to be ready to face the society nd challenges ahead .
    Sir would make sure that a student studies & enjoys his college without stressing out & would make you feel at home..
    My life at A.B.SHETTY DENTSL COLLEGE from 1993 TO 2004 were the best days of my life which i will cherish for ever.
    Thank you for always showering your blessings on your students.

  10. Greetings. I remember a few interesting things
    In association with Dr Shetty. When I was in the final year BDS, Dr Shetty was a lecture in the Prosthetic department. He gave me a few challenging cases for full denture. One such was a very bad class three occasion. He asked me to read about it in the library and come. Dr Bhat and he guided me and it was a great success. Dr Bhat told about this case to the external examiner during my orals!
    We played many games for BMC, once after I graduated, we won the Inter collegiate volleyball for teachers, we defeated the Christ college in the finals.

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