Pattern Breaking! A solution against Corruption and Manipulation!!

Posted on: September 6, 2018

Voting Machines can be protected from a possible manipulation through pattern breaking.

Answer Key

By Sikkander Bakth

Everyone may have soft corner to some parties to come to power but no one proposes them to come to power through manipulating voting machines. We cannot make a conclusion about a possibility of a manipulation in this regard. No one can prove it and at the same time no one can assure that a manipulation is impossible.

Anything which has a human intervention can be manipulated. Before voting machine also there were ways of manipulation in election. Booth capture, Ballot Box access etc. were all had happened in our election history. Indian democracy has grown far beyond all those levels. Election commission has become a reputed body and election process has become a mass program. It is very much difficult to manipulate things today. India loves democracy to the core.

Even in such a situation it is always better to take democracy to a level it cannot be manipulated. Pattern breaking is the solution. Very simple is the process of pattern breaking. It is a CS Theme. Know what are the ways the manipulation can happen? Create a new pattern in which such manipulation is impossible.

A simple Pattern breaking is possible by shifting the symbol pasting process from a central level to Booth level. Let the symbols of candidates are picked random and pasted accordingly at booth level and then different voting machines will have a mixed order in display of symbols.  When there is no order and the new order is sudden it is not possible to articulate, plan and implement an order of manipulation.

There can be further steps to add security to the process of making democracy truly democratic. There is no value for gaining positions by hook or crook. Every party is bound to field performing leaders and to send other on VRS so that the nation is in the path of progress and the youth are comfortable at their positions.


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