Proportionate is beautiful and disproportionate is ugly!

Posted on: August 29, 2018

Proportionate is beautiful and disproportionate is ugly!

Beauty is a proportionate concept and anything can become beautiful when it is in right proportion!

Macro Vision
Micro Action

You know what a unit of share in a company is! Can you imagine buying a unit of career in an establishment? Buying share and career is same.

Buying process is same in both cases! And the operations further are different in both the cases. In case of buying shares in companies, you are investing your money and in case of buying a career, you are investing your time!

Investing in shares you rely upon others performance and often get a set back from the market games! In case of buying career units, in open brands, you choose to invest your time. You know your capabilities and interests and you also get the advantages of synergy at one side and benefits of large scale operations on the other!

You should have a macro vision about all that you are looking at. At the very same time, you should have an action plan that is sharp and focused. Make your career associations on a one to one basis. This is the basic!

Every religion has a vision and it is salvation for the people within. Salvation is an aftermath to our death and the advantage of every religion is that, there is no need to make provisions and reserves today for offering a future.

In return of offering salvation for the people after death, it makes the present of a group in a religion safe and secure. Salvation is a currency that needs no reserves!

All religions are basically focused on character formation and that is the foundation of success for every person. Hence, religions play a very vital role in society building. Most of the top-line religious are with good character and thus do justice for their vocation. We trust them. It is those people who keep the world alive!

A religion becomes more relevant when it focuses on two more things, in addition to their vocation of character formation. These are activity and productivity of the people within the religions. Creating activities in and around, and making it productive for the people within. These things are taken care by different religions at different times.

Some do it on a charity linkage and in a small scale and most of the time it is externally funded. That is alright and that is not the context that we are talking about.
Space and Time are the prime resources today. Yesterday, it was all about land, labor, capital and organization. Everything today can be related with space and time. It is a huge transformation! Space and time are waiting for conversion to wealth. You just need to make use of them! Can you do something with the space and time available with you? You can convert them easily into wealth and currency. Bring in new ideas and get them implemented with the space and time available with you.
For example, I am able to spare four hours a day from the routine and can to do a number of things with that time. Am I able to find out a space for me to utilize these four hours per day is the challenge in front of me.
Dr. Kalam said, “Small aim is a crime” and we say to all of you, wastage of space and time is a bigger crime than having a small aim in life. That is why we brought religion into the picture here and religions are the largest point where space and time left unused. There are plenty of non conflict small little things that we can do for creating wealth for so many people!
Wealth creation is all about the right combination of space and time with added flavors of talents, teamwork, trust, thirst and thoughts at unconscious congruence.
It is your thoughts that are processed into the life that you are creating for yourself. Think macro and act micro is the philosophy that in other words says to think globally and act locally or to have a vision for humanity and an action plan for the human beings around you.

With your increased productivity and an accelerated mode of operation, you gain lot of time, that otherwise would have been wasted, in so many non productive ways. Quality of your thinking was also low. You were living a life that was governed by the emotions that are now very positive and promising. Open your eyes to see new paradigms. You can create wealth in large measures as you shift the focus from your conscious mind to the inner mind that has abundance of powers!
Go ahead with all ideas that impress your inner mind and make sure that you are at the right direction and at the best dimensions. Build unconscious congruence in your mind. It is matching of words and deeds.
What you mean and what you say should be matching to each other. You need to check with the signal from your inner mind so that every time you are able to take right decisions, easy and quick. Things are much easier for you once you understand your unconscious signal.
You can build rapport with your inner mind and make a very strong friendship and bondage with it. This will make you very productive at the peak of relaxation!

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