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Posted on: September 20, 2018


Vanadevathe opens her homes for guests.

By Sylvia Castelino / Ian Lobo  / Canute Pinto / NV Paulose 



Another feather in the crown of Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd, the fastest growing tourism group in Karnataka. SIRI NATURE ROOSTS is ready for the premium clients who visit Chickmagalore. The destination is regarded being the Himalayas and Manasarovar of Karnataka. At the close outskirts of Chickmagalore is the abode of Vanadevathe, created in a unique theme that strikes the signature of the master architects R Square Pvt. Ltd.

Reputation of Rashi Eco Tourism brand is withheld and taken to further heights by making the theme resort into the surprise of the entire district. SIRI NATURE ROOSTS could be the best among top ranking resorts in the district when it is fulfledged and once set complete.

The group has started their journey in the year 2007 with Guhantara the very first and the only cave resort in India. The innovation brought laurels to the architects Mr. SN Ramesh and CH Ramesh with lots of appreciations and awards including national award from Economic times for the best architectural innovation in the year 2007. Guhantara is followed by Shilhaantara with the theme of Chalukya Empire. Both the premium destinations are at Bangalore.Guhantara at Kanakapura Rd. and Shilhaantara in Ramanagara.

At Chickmagalore, presence of the group was started with Jhari which give you an entire feeling of living in a forest. You don’t see constructions when you get into the resort. Instead a 24×7 tall water fall and abundance of forest welcomes you with a cold hug giving you the warmth of hospitality. Your excitement starts with a wonderful drive that make you wonder how the vehicle moves in conversation with the nature.

Amazing stay at Jhari and a site seeing visit to the sarrounding unmatching natural bounties make you feel to come back and you see the booking is all closed for a long time since the queue is beyond the calender year. Introduction of SIRI NATURE ROOSTS gives much joy for the native and international tourists that the large abode of nature keeps her doors open for them at a short notice.



Model of the group is unique and the approach is of Camouflage. Merging with the nature and the same with the people. Large reservoir of friends’ circle is the wealth of abundance to Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd.  Each one of them is being taken with so much love and care that everyone becomes one with Rashi Family. More than introducing formal standards, the group has focused on to be honest and fairness in everything.

Fifth resort of the group is at Mangalore Pilikula; River Roost Resort. A river side with a natural bounty all around. Touch of the Master Architects in the near future will turn the resort to be at the focus of tourism in the entire district. Greatest advantage of Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd is their heart in keeping the nature unharmed and added to that their way of adding greenary to the bounty of abundance. You become one with the nature when you are at the hospitality of Rashi Eco Tourism Ltd.


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