Silence sounds good! A factual Fiction that summaries the history of time!

Posted on: August 12, 2018

Abundance of wisdom withstanding against every odd in the societal transformation from mediocre to the masterpiece!

Book Review

By Gayathri Vishwanath / NV Paulose

  • Companion for the youth.
  • A reference library of the time.
  • Plenty of knowledge within.
  • Reading with sensory experience.


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The Author:

Silence Sounds Good is a book authored by legendary IAS Visionary Dr. CV Ananda Bose. It is an easy stepping stone to wisdom for the young at age and mind. Abundance of positivism that are flowing from every part of the world through first hand reporting and real time commentary. Emotional connectivity to entire world with simplicity and humility. Lot of clarity and conviction beyond any kind of confusions. Being good to everyone including the ones who were not so at their turn in the batting ground. This is the way ahead to harness goodness in the world. You read it from one who understand the vibrations at the peak and the bottom at the very same wavelength. Author has a track record of purity and cleanliness in thoughts and actions.


Dr. CV Ananda Bose with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


Mannanam to Bethlehem:
Nature took him from one end to the other end of certain emotional stories and gave him certain feel that can peel all layers of thin doubts that may make the manger glitter at his heart at its best. The book is filled with original thoughts and true wisdom.

Dr. CV Ananda Bose with Sri. Venkayya Naidu

Nanthitha the little star:
The book is dedicated to Nanditha the little star who lives in the reflections of thousands of smiles at the faces of little girls all around the world. The author has transcended the boundaries to reach the emotions of oneness with everyone.


Dr. CV Ananda Bose with Pope John Paul


Lakshmi’s Silence Sounds Good:
Name of the book emerges from the silence of lakshmi the better half of the author. That’s the same silence with many others in similar shoes; who care their family and nurture everyone within; without seeking anything in return. She is the one who supposed to be paid at the highest order of return and respect. Her dedication being everyone to everyone and yet counted being no one is on account of the system that are filled with nonsense at every inch of its perceptions.

There should be a change in evaluating people and their worth with regard to positions and portfolios. Yes! We should join the author and should fix price for every bit of work the Lakshmi of every home does. Salute to everyone!

Numerous instances of Humorous narratives:
Silence Sounds Good is a light reading book. There are plenty of joyful narration. The girl who put the arrogant man back at the queue and the chief minister who returns his share to his brother in law are the extreme points of the sequences. Humour is the way to spit right at the face of the mighty corrupt but the author sympathize even with them being remain non judgemental and aggressive. He is also must be facing the challenges with a smile. Suggestion of the author not to give bribe is not practical but. It is possible only at a national collective initiative like non cooperation movement or quit India movement. How can an ordinary individual initiate action against a collective underworld gang? We should travel in a distant way of focusing one goodness and creation of wealth.

A Humble Advice from the lower corner:

The revered author should look at the nature and learn the way and whereabouts the nature corrupt everyone and everything in the system a little bit to get a bigger response in return. There is a reward for everything that is being done in nature. This could be the only ambiguity if we can politely point out. It is also important to note here on the said issue that no better options are yet presented by any other author. India is yet to go in detail to see the easiest and practical ways to curb corruption. Human mind always chooses the best among the options. Now that the best option is corruption, the nation should ponder on better options. Our efforts are at the periphery only and we should cut open and go deep inside to see the cancer at the fourth stage. Pathetic from top to bottom. Chief minister in the book was far better. Corruption is a blood cancer patient and require more blood as times goes by that way.

Strong Suggestion for the Young:

A person who read this book and meditate over the ponderings cannot go astray. There is perfect clarity and direction that give you enough impetus to have a strong hug with the truth and the truth alone. All falsehoods has to stay away shy without coming near to fear you a bit. Positive energy that the upright spread can spearheaded to transform the derailed human beings and make them to come back to the mainstream of human search for excellence. God has to acknowledge the role of human beings in the transformation process and should be kind enough to compare the performance with the state of affairs when God was handling the situation alone. What a wonderful book. Silence Really Sounds Good. Buy the book and say goodbye to falsehood!

This Book that sounds very good should get a higher order of respect in the courtyards of best sellers. These are the books that communicate true emotions much beyond the cooked up and dressed up ones. Publishers like Harper Collins India and Penguin India should come forward to take the journey forward. Educational Institutions should insist students to make bulk order and buy the book.

Good luck
Humble Pranams

3 thoughts on “Silence sounds good! A factual Fiction that summaries the history of time!

  1. Silence sounds good is a nice book with Exceptionally varied thinking. Any reader can enjoy uninterrupted flow of humorous situations mixed with reality. Proficiency of language and readability in all aspects gives happiness to readers . I wish all success

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