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Posted on: September 14, 2020

By. Himanshu Dabral

My story

An Angel in Pandemic

Ever since Covid-19 hit the world, this very world is changed completely. The most significance change we saw is the Priority and the Importance of our life, economic consequences hit the roof, as a Visual Artist I suffer it too and I guess many are!!
Locked down in our house we glued more to social media like Facebook Twitter and linkedin trying to get a sense of it, what is happening around us.
Me being a Visual Artist were selling Painting is the only source of income hit the most, who want to put the money in buying a Painting? In this pandemic!! No-one actually!!
Having a faith on Almighty God,
I occasionally post some of my Paintings on Facebook thinking some might show interest acquiring one of my painting. Recently when I post one of my painting which is my wife’s favourite painting titled अमृतात (about Lord Shiva) one of my random Facebook friend Sheril Gaikwad leaved a comment saying “It’s a good idea to put this painting in an auction” So I started chating with her on messenger and explain my story about what difficulties I am going through, patiently she listened my whole story and she sad Himanshu let me help you out, I don’t know her neither she know me, what faith she got on me I don’t know, must be an act of God I believe! I gave her my catalogue of paintings with a hope something might work!!
After one or two days I got a call from Sheril Gaikwad and she told me that one of the Corporate Company showing a great interest acquiring one or two paintings of mine, nothing is more satisfying then hearing this, all credit goes to Sheril Gaikwad, I successfully sold two of my paintings at a good price, sometimes you short of words expressing your gratitude towards a person who helped you when you needed the most and it’s become even more heart melting when a person who helped you actually never knew you or even meet you, Thank you Sheril Gaikwad you come as an Angel. God bless you

Himanshu Dabral

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