The idea of Incremental Investments!

Posted on: September 28, 2018

Incremental Investment is also a Market Booster! They can activate a system! !

By Tilak Kalyan

Idea of incremental investment is nothing new but seems to be not at the notice of the governments. Even when the capital resources are limited to core, governmental investments go totally new and in bulk. This is one of the reason for excess corruption. Actually, this is a method for corruption since new projects require Fixed capital than working capital. A policy decision of incremental investments instead of total investments can curtail curruption to a large extent. At least half of the budget allocation should go in incremental investments.

What is an incremental investment?

Incremental investment is an additional investment on an existing project. We carefully choose to invest in projects that are progressive or at places where a considerable change can happen with an incremental investment. Investing for an additional classroom in a campus where admission are in excess instead of setting up a new campus for the purpose of addressing the increased demand. Many times with an incremental investment, We can multiply performance of many establishments.

Role of Incremental Investments in India!

We are a human intensive nation and we are at the advantage of demographic dividend now. We need to organize for better engagement for our people. It is possible when we take advantage from the possibilities of incremental investments. Institutions and organizations should come forward with Large options for incremental investments. To sight an example is to tap an additional employment opportunities for about 5 lakh people in Indian Railway Stations. This is possible when we apply ideas and creativity in proper direction. Like a sculptor see a sculpture in a stone or an wooden piece; we should emerge with new ideas and themes for this purpose.


Mini platform for Night Stay in Train:

Every major cities are having major railway stations. There can be a low traffic station few kilometres from the station. Or else there are trains halting at the Major stations. These trains that are at halt can provide night stay facility at lower costs. A seperate establishment can come into existence for this purpose. People can travel from places to places at a lower cost and get into their routine works more often and more frequently. There can be different rates for different classes. High class refreshments and facilities shall also become part of the package. Mini complexes can be built at open lands UN utilised at nearby locations and connectivity can be established with additional tracks.

There are thousands of ideas that can be introduced with our existing set ups. Lot of thoughts has to come into connect the dots and to convert them into plan of actions. Given a theme to a team of youngsters, they will come up with innovative ideas. There are thousands of complementary establishments and activities possible with our existing systems and practices. Let us think about it.

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