Tourism! A Money Spinner!!

Posted on: July 16, 2018

Rashi Eco Tourism! a Role Model from Karnataka!

SN Ramesh! The Miracle Maker in Tourism Sector

Photo Caption: SN Ramesh! The Miracle Maker in Tourism Sector

India should understand the potential for economic progress in a very different angle. Tourism sector is one that can create tremendous growth in Indian Economics. Tourism can be clubbed with Medical, Educational and many other sectors.

Global TV is always happy to promote initiatives that promote Theme resorts and all innovative initiatives in Tourism Sector.

We need to do things that attract genuine people and global families. Adventure sports initiative and nature friendly projects should be marketed to generate large economic growth.

Medical system should be supported with Air Ambulance service and tourism linked health packages. Institutions should make their people to set up revenue models within by giving them ample avenues to make large revenues.

Instead of restricting and controlling; it is always better to enhance productivity by sharing revenue with people. Let them own establishments or partner them with the parental establishments.

Unutilized human resource can be efficiently deployed in this way to generate the best outcome and output to satisfy everyone’s interest. Today’s turmoil in corporate economics and national governance are all because of low productivity. Productivity is directly related to proportionate sharing. Justice and prosperity go together. Peace prevail were there is justice. All these are related to the comfortable living of people. Volume matters for the corporates. Values matters for the people. End of the day; we are in a cycle that circle around ultimate Justice!

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