Unemployment is Created by the system called Governance!

Posted on: July 19, 2019

What is there for me in it? Everyone look for their own personal advantage! Others’ voice are not heard by them!?

By Gayatri Vishwanath

Who is responsible for creating jobs in India? Is anyone working for it? No one!

We are our centric. Others are eccentric. These two approaches should change. I should work and happily should take my share. Disowning our own achievements are no solution for anything. Success is in finding all components and parties that / who have an interest in your idea.

There are opportunities when there are people. There need to be options when there are people. Options come when there is a need. One should feel for it. Simply talking about VASUDAIVA KUDUMBAKAM may not give you this kind of a mindset. We should really feel for it.

A model for creating many opportunities for youngsters!

One of the premium sectors that can have large number of opportunities is Tourism Sector. India should have a total approach towards tourism. Governmental positions are but filled with wested interests. A simple designation called TOURISM AMBASSADOR can create a Million opportunities in India. There should be a system formulated or formed for this purpose. It may or may not happen when we leave it to the destiny to take care of it. Destiny has no personal interest since destiny is not a person. We need people who think about themselves through the wellbeing of many others.

Work always on Crisis Models!

Do we need a crisis to work on a crisis model? Can’t our military work when there is no calamity? These are fundamental questions.

Home makers to House Makers.

We should change our working pattern. Housing is a major sector that can create large opportunities in India. Every place has an opportunity. There are people who have adopted such methods to build religious facilities for themselves and others. Some people are experts in that. All we need is a wholesome approach. Me too should benefit is the right approach. No wested interest means no interest. Taking undue advantage is Corruption. Taking due share make it a decent profession. Bring professionalism into everything. Give everyone their due share.

Can we Imagine an Indian Railway with no Railway platforms and Train names!

Even to think it’s impossible! This is the same about Railway Board and Career Board.

A Paradigm shift is needed in out thought process.

We need to have models to understand theories. This is because we are at the tip of our consciousness when we discuss ideas. We should go deeper and deeper to explore the abundance in the universe.

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