Upright are well rooted! Crooked fall at the next wind!!

Posted on: August 24, 2018

Sometime immediate and some time delayed but justice has to come and deliver it at the footsteps of the upright and truthful.

By NV Paulose

Sometime immediate and some time delayed but justice has to come and deliver it at the footsteps of the upright and truthful. For Sir James K. Joseph, it went for fourteen years for him to get the verdict of Justice. Still it is justice for him that an untruth that was surfaced against him in the form of an artificially created adverse IB Report (In Place of the original positive IB Report) has a faint to fall down and to disappear right in front of him and at front of the Honorable Chief Justice of Kerala High Court.

The process but took fourteen years for the truth to triumph back. People at power corridors are tempted to play tricks to trap the upright and to keep them away from coveted positions. They do it because of their fear to enter the courtyards of courageous people. Keeping the upright away is their way to get into important portfolios.

Their low performance doesn’t matter to the inefficient and unworthy who occupy the positions of the rightful and the effective. In effect, the loss of performance falls on the head of the society at large. There is no political party to show better from the other ones. All parties are corrupt since no one in the party is able to earn a livelihood over genuine means. Not that they are not able to earn on their own; most of them have not tried this at any point of time. Very few who did so remain reputed and revered by the people at large. They earned goodwill either by making them contented or by finding right ways to fund their requirements.

The run of the mill politicians are resorted to corrupt practices and once one is into the mode of corruption, no one can predict their modus operandi in doing corruption and showing arrogance over to the upright.

Tricks went far beyond permissible limits of adulteration in the attempt of keeping Sir James K. Joseph away from the post of Member of Tribunal. The culprits destroyed an IB report and created another one on their own. A positive report was destroyed and an opposite one was cooked up. Now the entire thing is found missing from the files of the caretakers of democracy. What a mockery over the credibility of our nation being a secular democracy of the people and for the people.


Fit to defeat every challenges in front…


James K. Joseph and AK Antony…


Below is the Facebook posts from Sir James K. Joseph in this regard.

In the final hearing before the Hon’ble Justice Abraham Mathew of the Kerala High Court yesterday, it emerged clearly that no adverse IB report against me as alleged by the accused existed ! I was ably represented by Adv. S. Rajeev.

*Mother Theresa Answers My Prayer*The photograph below is a ‘Vote of Thanks’ that I received from none less than…

Opublikowany przez James K Joseph Wtorek, 24 lipca 2018


James K Joseph

*Mother Theresa Answers My Prayer*

The photograph below is a ‘Vote of Thanks’ that I received from none less than Mother Theresa when I was the Accountant General of Kerala. Recently, I remembered the words of the Mother, “My gratitude to you is my prayer to God”. I prayed to her and she answered my prayer. I am posting this as an expression of my gratitude to the Mother.

An FIR was registered four years ago by the Kerala Police against M/s Alphonse Kannandhanam, Budh Prakash, Kesab Desiraju IAS and A N Tiwari IAS, Director, Joint Secretary and Secretary respectively of the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT). The crux of the case is that they conspired and fabricated a false report against me and foisted it on the Prime Minister in January 2005 as if it were the IB report to undermine my appointment as Administrative member of the Central Administrative Tribunal.

As per disclosure dated 14-3-2008 of the Chief Information Commissioner, the genuine IB report was favourable to me. Soon after the disclosure, this report was destroyed and the DoPT officials have been sitting pretty. Though the investigating officer of the Crime Branch had reported to the High Court of Kerala two years ago that the IB report was missing the Crime Branch has been dilly dallying on the issue.

My relentless pursuit of truth and justice in public interest for the last fourteen years has been in vain because the Judiciary and the Police have turned a blind eye to the disappearance of the favourable IB report. In the circumstances stated above, I sought the intervention of Mother Theresa to vindicate my honour.

I am glad to inform my well-wishers that my prayer to the Mother has been answered. Honourable Justice Abraham Mathew of the High Court of Kerala has at last ordered the Police to ferret out the missing IB report. Its production, if at all, will surely vindicate my honour as much as the report of its destruction.


Sir James K. Joseph with His Excellency KR Narayanan in 1997


How are we going to compensate?

How are we going to compensate the loss for the upright and the genuine people of the nation? How are we going to give them back their glory? Can we at least stop the tricks at power corridors permanently?

We should understand the law of reverse reaction. A post that is acquired by an act of evil produces only evil fruits. Anything that has done faulty can only give faulty results unless and until it is accepted and corrected accordingly.

There may be many instances where the corrupt had corrected themselves and then flourished much better. Life is a free gift for a shorter while and those who live a worthy life is worth living in good memories and whatever wonders the nature reveals or gives at the aftermath.

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