Posted on: March 26, 2020


Go Global Do Digital Show the World that We Care

Village TV invites Journalism Graduates and Students across India to work at wherever they are to bring every village into a digital framework wherein every individual is well connected and networked in an ideal form.

Village TV helps people to face the challenge of time. We need not tell the youngsters about how they should do it. Each village is in need of support in one way or other. Abundance in villages is primarily the rich hearted people. Natural resources are in plenty  to be utilized at critical times. 

Many NRIs are looking forward to get connected with their native place and to help people who are in need. Connect them directly in the best way possible. Become volunteers and support society to take care and respect life.    

Village TV can make life of many people bright and more meaningful. It is a noble mission to create Village TV Station separate and dedicated for every village. At the same time it is an opportunity for the Journalism Graduates to serve the community. You can be a great blessing for many people who are looking forward for Micro Funding. Many NRIs are happy to help people.

How to create more Hospital beds to fight COVID-19 without Govt Money | Response from Fr. Saleen Joseph, Director, Unique Edu Skills International

Mr. Lal Goel Chairman Organ Donation India Foundation makes a model ‘How to create more Hospital beds to fight COVID-19 without Government Money.’ Mr. Goel made this innovative video with the active participation of News Karnataka, V4News, Global TV and Organ Donation India Foundation.Response fromFr. Saleen Joseph, Director, Unique Edu Skills International

Opublikowany przez News Karnataka Środa, 25 marca 2020
Stand Up Together with The Nation


Every time there is a tough time the outcome is Global Unity in Humanity. We look forward to make everyone to connect with their native places and help the society to prosper in every area.

Campaign begin with formation of a digital team of three friends taking up one village to work with. Listing of key locations and supportive people is the second step. Getting sponsors locally or globally is the third step. Developing a program in which everyone can participate is the fourth step. These four steps will make a regular connectivity between people of a village. Once communication is initiated everything else can easily happen for the wellbeing of everyone.

Resource database and micro funding are the key elements in a development process. Identifying talents and giving them the right kind of exposure and opportunity is the task of the community. Growth begin with self driven youth.    

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