What makes people arrogant when they are in positions?

Posted on: July 12, 2019

By NV Paulose

Let us be humble

Many humble people become arrogant when they are elevated into higher positions! Why? This is a Paradigm Shift when you are in the lower paradigm of your mindsets. Human mind has two extreme sides and the mind transcends between the two extremes. One side is Bliss and the other end is opposite to it. One should transcend through the mind to reach the bliss end. Other end is a very limited framework. We can call them conscious mind or outer mind. It is the sum total of our sensory experiences at a given time. It get predominant with our prejudices.

We take certain sensory experiences for granted and live in them very much. We behave arrogant as long as an arrogant paradigm take control over us. One has to grow from the limited space through the growing space to reach the outskirts of bliss. Until then the emotions of arrogance haunt us.

We may go depressed when we end up with the position that gave us such an emotional prison within us. We realize the illusion and we wanted to come out. By then we are deep into the prison that we cannot make any more impact into our person. Or else we need to transform our self like the eagle that remake itself from the very beginning. Better be humble for no specific reasons. We are spiritual beings having human experience on earth.

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