Who will recieve me when i go back to history?!

Posted on: July 5, 2019

By NV Paulose, Founder Global TV

We come from a history. We have a history beyond our birth. Some religious say about rebirth and some other religions connected it to ancestors. We are not born just like that. We have a history. We are also going to become a history sooner or later.

Question is about who will recieve me when i go back to history. Whom all i can expect to come to recieve. Or at least feel happy about my coming back to history?

It is nice when there are someone to welcome me there. That is there even when we go to other places also. Particularly when we go to unknown places. It is nice to have a larger number of people to recieve me there. It is more nice when more relevant and important people recieve me there. Are there people waiting? Or souls? After all we go back to history not in our existing forms.

Our forms are to get deformed. Our egos are to go in the vanish space. We may stand or sit is also immaterial since what kind of arrangements are there for us in the history. Hence me feel to get into the memories of people than to get into the history at all.

I am happy when i get a place into the memories of a large number of people. I wanted them too to feel like what i feel to feel right now at this given space and time.

Getting into the memories means getting into the minds. Mind you, no one take you to their mind unless you find a way for getting into their minds. The way ahead should be there for positive. Or else the future can go otherwise. The wise always go the ways of happy and good.

It is always good to move with the universe. Paulo Coelho says about the hand that had written about our story. The aame hand had written the whole story and the entire history. Let us get along with the hand that writes and keep writing. And let is keep writing in our mind the right thing that every right person whanted to think at every moment after moment.

Having a good intention is the best way to avoid all tensions. Single goal is to become part of the history at least for a while.

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