WhoHow Corruption

Posted on: June 22, 2020

Who and How of Corruption is very important to know the whereabouts and wherewithal of corruption!

Corruption is a system generated error!

But it cannot be sorted out by any system in place!!

There need to be a better option to replace an existing system!

Hence we should create something better when we wanted to remove corruption! Should we remove corruption is also a very important question! Yes we should remove it just because it is an addiction just like any other addiction! Drinking drugging prostitution and adultery are all addiction occurred without individual likes, in fact most of the addicts hate their habits! Why then they are unable to come out?

Anything to change need a better choice! In corruption too it is the same! What is the better choice! Take all plus points and take out all minus points! Can we do that? Yes of course! This is a doctoral subject! Eliminating corruption keeping all its advantages to all its benefactors!

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