Windows! TV Series!! A Memorial for Dr. Arunachalam Kumar!!!

Posted on: August 26, 2018

Correspondent : Varun Kedige

Video Editor : Mokshan Polali 

Direction : NV Paulose

Global TV is initiating a new series of episodes in Memory of one of our prime Mentors who are not with us physically right now. Dr. Arunachalam Kumar was an amazing role model. He was very genuine and open minded. We had learned a lot from him. Lot of wisdom was experienced in his genuine expressions and behaviour.  Dr. Kumar was very simple and straight forward.  His students loved him a lot. Experiential learning was his method. Attempting every small thing that come across and learning even from the expressions of children. His magical presence can never be forgotten.

Main purpose of this series is to look into certain areas of social concerns that all other media houses often forget to get into and to see them through an independent point of view. Another purpose is to attract students, friends and goodwill ambassadors of Dr. Arunachalam Kumar into mainstream media platforms so that there is fairness in the way the media respond to certain fundamental social issues.

Those who wish to participate may contact  (M) 9844182044 (W) 8762895418



Dr. Arunachalam Kumar about a Curious Child.

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