Youngsters should learn from Dr. Kalam! Jayaprakash Rao

Posted on: September 19, 2018

Dr. Kalam believes in Yongsters and their powers!

Teachers can make the students to become wealth of India!!

Development of India should get focus on Rural India.

By Roshin Bobby

Motivation is the secret for transforming India into a developed nation; says Sri. Jayaprakash Rao, Former Regional PRO of DRDO. He was addressing the students of Yenepoya School. It is the teachers who are responsible to motivate the children. We should become a self reliant nation. Today we import most of the technology products from other nation. Dr. Kal am has given us a huge model by making ingenious Aircraft for India. Sukoi aircrafts saved lot of wealth for India and added lot of dignity for us.

Having great dreams is very important.  Everyone should dream high. The dream should be clear and their should be efforts taking you to reach your dream. We should believe in ourselves. Show courage to express yourself. One should love the work that one do. The Russian driver who was doing PhD was an example. He loved his job and he was perceiving towards his large dream. While you love your work you should also motivate others to do well in their life. Take decision today and stick on to that. Take your decisions not for the sake of others.




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